Vanilla Webinars in 2021: The Top 5!

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December 29, 2021

Vanilla Webinars in 2021: The Top 5!


#1 Positioning your Community with Richard Millington

On May 11th, Richard Millington joined us to see the importance of and clarify a community’s purpose. 

Whether you’re thinking of launching a community, or growing your existing community, he offered some great insight that can help you maximize your community’s appeal and push it to new heights.

Watch the playback to learn:

  • The six major benefits a community can provide to its members.

  • Which values members care about the most.

  • How to evaluate and compare your community’s unique value with your competitors.

  • How to identify and deliver on your community’s unique positioning.

  • What to do next. Prioritizing to maximize your community’s potential.

Download the webinar here


#2 Science of Participation with Carrie Melissa Jones 

In April, Carrie Melissa Jones talked about the Science of Participation. When members feel a sense of commitment to their online communities, they are significantly more likely to make high-quality, frequent contributions. 

Understand critical insights from the top peer-reviewed research on online community participation from the last five years and learn about the four critical components to secure member commitment in your community.

Watch the playback to learn how to:

  • Make evidence-based decisions on your member outreach and programming efforts.

  • Increase the sense of virtual community in your network.

  • Confidently communicate the value of your community to members and stakeholders.

  • Attract members who are ready to share and learn together.

Download the webinar here


#3 Finding the Right Score for your Community with Nichole Devolites 

Another April doozy was when Nichole Devolites joined us to discuss why and how to find the right score for your community.

With communities rapidly becoming the central location for self-service, support, and connection, these programs are under as much scrutiny as any other investment. However, often it can be a struggle to fit CX scoring systems onto a living, organic community and as such the value of community is often under-reported and subsequently under-resourced.

Nichole shared:

  1. The top three scoring systems: NPS, CSAT, and CES and what they are used for.

  2. How a community can impact a much broader customer survey.

  3. The benefits and detractors of integrating each into a community to help determine which approach is right for you.

Watch the full webinar here


#4 Customer Perceptions of the Community Experience: A Research Study

This year, we wanted to understand ‘how do customers see community as a solution to their customer experience expectations?’

Rather than assume that branded communities meet the expectations of the consumer, we wanted to figure out the ‘want behind the want’. Do customer expectations around CX align with Community offerings? And if so, how do these solutions impact business-focused objectives?

Our very own Mike Ellis walked through our in-depth research and explained community usage in terms of the most valued customer experience aspects. 

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • What do Customers Expect from CX? 

  • How does Community Support CX Expectations? 

  • How does Community Support Business/ Revenue Objectives?

Download the full webinar here


#5 Convincing the Inconvincable with Jono Bacon

Jono Bacon, a leading community strategy consultant and author joined us this year to show you how he has worked on Convincing The Inconvincible step by step. 

Jono broke down the problem into a clear set of pieces, mapped those to different parts of an organization, and walked through a crisp strategy and clear set of practical methods to build support throughout your community development process. He even shared the mines in the road he met throughout his career and shared how he dealt with them.

Watch the full webinar to learn how to: 

  • Set executive participation goals that lead to enduring buy-in.

  • Approach building support at the different phases of the community project.

  • Balance influence, rewards and engagement to incentivize colleagues.

  • Effectively report to different parts of a business in a sustainable way.

Download the webinar here.


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