[Gaming] The Pitfalls of Ratings-Driven Communities

We need to separate user-reviews from critics-reviews

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The digital marketplace has become a river of reviews. Scores, stars, thumbs up and down drive the vast majority of digital purchases, empowering the average consumer like never before.

Dissatisfied with a business?

Leave a public display of frustration on social media and a rep will likely contact you within 48 hours to fix it with a fast remedy. Mobile apps constantly fish for positive reviews, not because they want your opinion, but to catch more stars than the competition, for the sole purpose of boosting their page rank higher. Continue reading

Keeping Your Online Community Safe

Online community safe protect

People join online communities for a number of reasons. Whether they’re looking to interact with a brand, proclaim support for a political or social cause, or connect with individuals who share a common hobby. Part of a community manager’s (CM) job is to ensure that the forum is a safe and enjoyable place for members to interact. Continue reading

How to Make a Kick-Ass Game Trailer in 5 Easy Steps!

Nothing builds excitement for a new indie game like a mind-blowing game trailer. If you create something that is truly kick-ass, no gaming journalists or YouTuber can avoid mentioning your name; if not for your own benefit, for theirs.

So how do you do it? What are the fundamentals of crafting a super cool game trailer to market the heck out of your new indie game Let’s find out! Continue reading

Calming the Beast : How to Serve Customers Who Can’t Serve Themselves

As I’ve shared in other posts, self-service platforms are the future of online customer service. Not only do customers expect this, but they actually prefer systems that help them solve their own problems… as long as they’re done right.

So what happens when, at least in the customer’s eyes, self-service isn’t done right? How does a customer feel after spending two hours combing through your knowledge base and coming up with nothing? Angry? Frustrated? Ready to punch the screen? How would you feel? Continue reading