Community Managers: Chatbots will make your life easier. Here’s how.

Community Managers are the swiss army knives of digital customer communications:

  • Answer this question here
  • Connect a customer with that resource over there
  • Develop a strategic relationship with an influencer
  • Write an article for the company website
  • Post a funny, clever, relevant meme on Facebook

Some of these tasks are simply procedural; they involve little more than processing what someone said and then connecting them with the information they need. Even R2D2 could handle that just fine. Continue reading

3 Steps to Get Your Boss Invested in Community Management

In today’s digitally networked world, the key to growing any successful business is cultivating a passionately engaged community of users and fans online.

The fact that you’re reading this post tells me you don’t need any convincing on that point. But would your boss be so quick to agree? How about his or her boss? The CEO? Continue reading

How to Make Passionate Advocates Into Your B2B Sales Team for Free

Customer advocates are especially powerful in B2B sales. After all, most purchasing decisions are pretty fraught — make the wrong call, and your internal reputation (not to mention your budget) will suffer the consequences. Knowing someone you trust likes a certain product can definitely sway your pick.

But how do you motivate your customers to spread the word in the first place? Here are several ideas for turning your most passionate customers into de facto members of your sales team. Continue reading