Top 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do as a Community Manager

3-things-community-managerSplit second decision-making is a part of community management. You must be ready to put out metaphorical fires, spark conversations, and fuel your brand’s overall goals.

While it’s wise to have a proactive plan, you should also have a keen sense of what not to do in your community’s forum. Let’s focus on three of the major don’ts of community management. Continue reading

Three Big Marketing Challenges Facing Fintech Startups Today


Financial technology (Fintech) companies are the veritable David, competing with many of the “Goliath” legacy big banks for valuable customers. It can often be an uphill battle because Fintech startups often lack the experience, resources, and brand recognition that most of the big banks enjoy. And this is true for virtually every aspect of financial services, from personal investing, lending and payment processing. Continue reading