Happy, Healthy, and Whole: How to Diagnose and Treat Your Online Community

How’s your community doing these days? Would you describe it as healthy? What would it even mean to attach the word “health” to an online community?

In today’s post, I want to help you define what it would look like for your community to be one marked by health and wholeness. Then we’ll explore some key areas of community health and learn how to treat any problems you may find. Continue reading

Community Managers, How Do You Make Your Happy Customers Talk?

Getting happy customers to leave feedback can sometimes feel only slightly less painful than a root canal. And yet it’s a powerful marketing strategy that should not be put off. Much digital ink has already been spilled exploring the myriad reasons why; but the how still continues to elude many talented and capable marketers. That’s a shame, because the answer is as simple as a single word: ask. Continue reading