Optimizing your Forum for SEO Purposes

SEO Forum

When you think of search engine optimization, chances are optimizing a forum is not the first thing that comes to mind. Indeed, most SEO strategies seem aimed at website page ranking or content creation.

However, many of the same principles (and a few new ones) can be aimed at increasing the visibility and success of your forum. Continue reading

Psychological Tactics You Can Use to Grow Your Online Community

tactics community

You want to grow a massive online community, don’t you?

I’m not a psychic of course; however, you clicking the title is a dead giveaway of why you’re here. 🙂

While there are millions of guides that you can read on how to grow a community online, I’d like to share with you psychology-backed strategies that you can use to do just that.

Without further ado, here are three psychological tactics you can use. Continue reading

Insanely Affordable Community Management Tips To Get Your Community Engaging With You Again


You are staring blankly at the mouthwatering baby back ribs on your plate.

Despite the dish’s tantalizing smell and its “devour-worthy” juicy appearance that’s enough to make anyone drool as if they haven’t eaten for decades, you can’t help but ignore the godlike dish that’s presented before you.

“I wonder if my community is responding to the post that I added just minutes ago…”

That’s the only thing that’s plaguing your mind at the moment.

With how inactive your community has become these past few weeks, you can’t help but feel disturbed about the direction where it’s headed? Continue reading

Three Fintech Startups Making Waves at Web Summit 2016, Lisbon


On November 7th, some of the most innovative startups in the world gathered in Lisbon, Portugal for the annual Web Summit conference. The special thing about this conference, is that it allows startups, founders, and entrepreneurs to showcase their latest innovations and ideas.

It’s a great place to learn about what’s right around the corner, and this is especially true in the exciting world of Fintech. That’s part of the reason we attended Web Summit, to get a sense of some of the most exciting startups that are changing the game. Continue reading

The Anatomy of a Rockstar Community Manager

Community rockstar

Considering how crucial the community manager’s role is, it’s maddening how some businesses are slacking off during their screening process when hiring their community managers.

I mean, think about it. Your community managers are sometimes the only people that stand between you and your disgruntled customers. If they aren’t competent enough to de-escalate situations where your customers are fuming with anger, your customers can easily rant about their frustrations about your, which can quickly snowball into something destructive for your company. Continue reading