Scaling Customer Success: How to Choose Between Hiring Staff or  Choosing Self-Serve Software

Posted by Kenny S. on Nov 22, 2017 11:46:27 AM

4 minute read

When you're starting a new business and have limited resources, staffing a couple customer success (CS) managers is a simple proposition.

But what happens when your business starts to pick up steam? What do you do when the customer load gets a bit too heavy for your fledgling CS team to bear?

At this point, you have two options: either hire more staff or invest in new software.

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[Gaming] How Community Management Helps Solo Devs

Posted by Chris G. on Nov 21, 2017 10:45:24 AM

3 minute read


Working alone is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you have complete creative freedom and report to nobody but yourself. On the other, you must handle all creative and technical work, marketing, outreach, and manage the business itself. While just the sheer volume of work can be overwhelming, the sense of responsibility and feeling overextended can be emotionally and physically exhausting for many creators.

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How Fintech Companies Create Empathy Within Their Communities

Posted by Bradley Chalupski on Nov 20, 2017 12:02:46 PM

4 minute read

In Fintech, communicating effectively with customers is an extremely important aspect of a community manager’s job. But because interacting with customers comes with a variety of competing interests, how to best go about doing that is not always so clear.

On the one hand, customers want effective solutions to their problems — and this is especially true of sophisticated businesses which purchase quality Fintech products.

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Show Me Where It Hurts: the Customer Success Manager’s Diagnostic Guide to Business Pain

Posted by Kenny S. on Nov 17, 2017 10:19:29 AM

8 minute read

If customer experience is the new battlefield on which businesses compete with one another, then customer success (CS) constitutes the front line in that battle.

But to make the most of CS, we have to stop thinking of CS representatives as amped-up customer service providers and/or glorified account managers. We need to empower and equip them to think more like consultants than phone jockeys.

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The One Big Thing You’re Probably Missing About Customer Success

Posted by Kenny S. on Nov 16, 2017 10:48:32 AM

5 minute read

We know that customer success (CS) has become a vital part of any business. The numbers don’t lie:

  • 80% of future profits will come from 20% of your customers.
  • It costs 5% more to acquire a new customer than to keep a current one.
  • A 5% increase in retention can boost profits by upwards of 95%.
  • 68% of customers churn because they think the brand doesn’t care about them.
  • 60-70% of customers will stick with a brand who handles customer service well, even if that means the customer doesn’t get their way.

This is just a small statistical snapshot of the realities which have made CS an essential part of the modern business world. The numbers make it clear that the best thing a business can do for itself is to focus on helping the customer succeed.

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