Top 3 Lessons I’ve Learned From

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If you’ve never heard of Reddit, you must be living under a virtual rock. Last year alone the site racked up more than 82 billion pageviews and 725.85 million comments, making it the 25th most popular website in the world.

Reddit’s simple design has content categorized by subreddits. 853,824 subreddits, to be exact. Sections range from /r/worldnews to the cute and fuzzy /r/awww and the banal but captivating /r/mildlyinteresting. While the subject matter may be as diverse as the site’s users, there’s one thing these subreddits have in common: community managers or moderators, as they like to be called. They enforce subreddit rules, tame the trolls, and continue to look for ways to improve their little slice of the internet and make it more appealing for potential users. Continue reading

Part 2: 4 Tactics to Keep Your Community Members Loyal

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In our last post, we discussed what makes the Member Retention Rate important and how to calculate it. It’s the best metric to use when measuring community loyalty. In combination with a low churn rate, a high member retention rate would help you understand whether you’re losing members or growing your community. Continue reading

Part 1: How Loyal is Your Online Community?


Gaining new members is essential to your community, but in order for the community to truly grow and succeed, you need to be able to keep your members. Not only must you measure visitor traffic, conversion rate but also your member churn rate. You may be getting the attention, turning lurkers into members or even paying customers, but are you able to keep them around month to month? Or are they leaving after one experience? Continue reading

The Secrets of Successful User-Generated Content in Your Community


Did you know that 59% of millennials use user-generated content as a way to make informed decisions on their purchases in electronics? They trust their peers more than they would trust a company brand or even news articles. As a large user of social media and other social apps, they spend about 5.4 hours per day on it. Continue reading

Being Empathetic in Times of Tragedy: How to Communicate to Members of Your Online Community

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Times of tragedy are difficult for everyone involved. The important thing to remember is that everyone IS involved. National crises not only affect the people directly involved, they pull at the emotions of the nation, sometimes the world.

I come from New York. Not the city, but close enough that a good portion of my community worked in NYC and commuted regularly. The morning of September 11th, 2001 was surreal and I know the nation as a whole felt the same way. For weeks afterward it was sometimes more difficult to find someone who WASN’T affected by the events of September 11th than someone who was. Continue reading