Should you sell to your online community?


A look at Brand Communities and how to translate community into sales

One of the golden rules of online community building is that it should not be highly commercialized. Your community is made up of a group of like-minded individuals who are likely already customers. It may seem only natural to sell them on your products; however, these can be treacherous waters. Continue reading

Data Mining Your Online Community


Community building has multiple benefits to your business. You can connect with customers, receive powerful feedback, and provide technical or administrative support for your audience. An often overlooked benefit of your community is the ability to data mine your members.

Data mining is the process of taking raw data from your community and turning it into useful information. Your community’s activity on your site can yield important information that, as a business, may be beneficial to you. Continue reading

Where Does Community Management Fit Into The Buying Cycle?


Learn from three companies that are mastering the art of community management

As community managers, you’re on the front lines in the battle to build a strong and satisfied customer base. With approximately two-thirds of the buyer’s journey now being done digitally, there are ample opportunities for you to use engage with users and assist them on their journey. Continue reading

Discrimination in Your Online Community: What to do about it and how to avoid it


Discrimination exists in society so unfortunately that means it exists in your online community as well. We’re all familiar with online “trolls,” people who incite argument, controversy, or hatred often simply for the sake of doing so. Internet trolls are an unfortunate part of online life, however sometimes the incidents go deeper.

Continue reading

5 Ways A Community Manager Can Effectively Manage Your Brand Online


As social media interactions skyrocket and inbound marketing moves center stage, many companies are hiring community managers to take control of a brand’s online identity and to monitor customer interaction.

A community manager’s main goal is to turn unknown individuals online into enthusiastic advocates for the brand. This requires actively and publicly responding to customer concerns, fostering a community through interaction and a shared identity, and leveraging unique online content that will educate and entertain your target audience. Continue reading