Sales or Customer Success? Which Is Worth More to Your Saas Business?

“What is customer success and why should I pay for it?”

One of the biggest challenges in customer success management is educating business leaders to make space for it. How do you make the case that customer support staff isn’t enough, that you really need a dedicated customer success manager (or 5) on the team? Continue reading

Boost Your Indie Game Community with User Generated Content

User Generated Content, or UGC, has an incredibly powerful allure in the world of gaming. From fan art to custom items and levels, more and more games are embracing community contribution.

Great examples are games like Night in the Woods, which wholeheartedly promotes user generated content on social media, or others like Minecraft, which lets fans share their creations independently. Both are terrific, but while the former sounds more appealing, the latter is ultimately where games find greater longevity and stronger community bonds. Continue reading