The New Vanilla Partner Ecosystem is Here!

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May 25, 2021

The New Vanilla Partner Ecosystem is Here!

With our new partner system, you can check out who our partners are, what they do, how they can serve you, and so much more. 

If you’re a Community Manager, or you want to invest in community and need some help, search our directory to find the assistance you need. 

We have three types of partners: Industry Experts, Integrators, and Integration Partners, all on hand and easily accessible for you to choose from.

Vanilla Industry Experts 

Our experts are leaders in the community space. Together, they have a combined experience spanning more than four decades and can help you in numerous ways including: ensuring your organization is showcased to the most relevant people, training you on our product and updates, and creating content collaboration opportunities that can increase the scope of your audience. 

Marjorie Anderson is the Founder of Community by Association and is skilled at developing cohesive community strategies for global communities that connect to organizational goals. Community by Association supports community management practitioners in associations and nonprofits, and she can help with strategy, assessment, and auditing to ensure community aligns with business objectives. 

Todd Nilson is the President of Clocktower Advisors, and has spent more than 25 years building communities and specializes in digital workplace transformations, and marketing strategy. His community building spans industries his, and Clocktower Advisors’ ultimate goal is to create loyal customers, engaged volunteers, and happier, more productive employees for your organization.

Brian Oblinger has extensive experience in building communities that can generate revenue, lower costs, and increase both customer engagement and satisfaction. Over the course of his career, Brian has amassed a wealth of knowledge and is delighted to share it with you. He shares  templates, resources, and more right here.

Vanilla Integration Partners

Our Integration Partners are some of the best-in-class. Connecting our solutions with your Vanilla community makes for a truly seamless integration. Using these, you can: simultaneously increase your value and decrease your churn rates, expand your market footprint with access to a pool of highly qualified prospects, and increase your co-marketing opportunities.

The Vanilla Zapier Integration allows you to connect to 3000+ of your favorite software tools. You can streamline your community workflows with Zapier: our top 3 perks? Sharing information
seamlessly between systems, automating workflows by eliminating the manual steps and processes, and create zaps without any developer help. 

Our Commsor integration helps to increase the total value of your community data. Since we know your audience engages with your brand across multiple channels, you can use Commsor to connect your Vanilla community with the rest of your community ecosystem. Our top 3 perks? You get a birds-eye view of all your engagement data (across channels), you can generate new insights by comparing and contrasting, and you can grow your community.

Find out which partnership fits your needs and join our community partner ecosystem. Or, if you need to speak with someone, reach our to me via LinkedIn!


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