[Support] Should You Build Your B2B Support Community from Scratch?

Posted by Charles Owen-Jackson on Apr 9, 2018 11:38:06 AM

3 minute read

In the old days, customer support was provided exclusively over the phone or by email. Oftentimes, this involved irate customers who spent time waiting in a queue or struggling to resolve issues by themselves.

Unfortunately, such complaints remain commonplace in the world of B2C businesses, but B2B organizations are under far greater pressure to meet and surpass their support obligations. In other words, B2B support teams simply cannot afford to rest on their laurels when the profit margins of their customers depend on their efficiency.

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[Support] Why Service Level Agreements (SLA) Are Important in B2B Support

Posted by Charles Owen-Jackson on Apr 6, 2018 11:45:16 AM

2 minute read


It’s not always easy to keep up with customer demands, especially in B2B industries where the speed and effectiveness of your support team has a direct impact on your customers’ profits. That’s why service level agreements (SLAs) help set expectations and build mutually beneficial arrangements between you and your customers.

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[Support] Outdated Customer Service Is the Kiss Of Death

Posted by Devin Trim on Mar 29, 2018 9:28:13 AM

6 minute read


Customer service is far and away the mythical “make or break” business element for most sectors of our economy. There’s a saying that goes, “People won’t remember exactly what you said a year from now, but they’ll remember how you said it.”  Ponder that for a second. The implications are massive (for every aspect of life, actually, but especially for customer service).  

But before we get into concrete tips to optimize your service skills, here’s a bit of background as to why customer service is so valuable. We live in the internet age, which means we live in the age of rapid social scaling.  

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[Support] Help Your Customer Support Agents - Build an Integrated Self-Serve Support Center

Posted by Bradley Chalupski on Mar 28, 2018 1:09:36 PM

4 minute read

Who knew that the ‘hands off’ approach could be so challenging?

Customers are increasingly demanding self-service customer support options. In fact, they now overwhelmingly prefer it to traditional direct channels like phone or email. For businesses that want to compete, this means providing a knowledge base and a self-support forum that’s easy to access and  solves problems quickly, completely and effortlessly. The way you share product knowledge with your communities varies greatly from business to business and is determined largely by your self-service support strategy.

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[Finance] How to Differentiate Self-Service Support in Banking? It’s a Matter of Trust.

Posted by Bradley Chalupski on Mar 26, 2018 11:35:13 AM

3 minute read


All around the world, legacy banking institutions are struggling to differentiate themselves from their fintech competition. When asked why customers are flocking to alternative financial options in record numbers, the answer often boils down to a single word: convenience. Time and again, customers have made it clear that self-serve support is a critical factor in their calculations.

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