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[Finance] Community Management is the Front Line of Trust with Banking Customers

Posted by Bradley Chalupski on Apr 17, 2018 9:06:22 AM

3 minute read


Although it may be uncomfortable to hear, one of the biggest challenges facing the modern banking industry is a simple one — the lack of trust.

When it comes to winning customers, trust is one of the most important things that any industry or brand can have. And yet as recently as 2016, research showed that more than half of Americans have never trusted a financial institution enough to recommend it to friends and family.

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[Finance] Need to Boost Members on Your Fintech Community? Here’s How.

Posted by Kenny S. on Mar 27, 2018 1:27:43 PM

3 minute read


If you’re struggling to obtain (and maintain) greater numbers of forum members for your fintech community, you’re not alone.

Any purchase of a financial product, and the costs associated with it (both in time and in finances), are what are known as “grudge purchases”. A grudge purchase is a purchase made out of some form of obligation, rather than a pursuit of pleasure or self-gratification.  

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[Finance] How to Differentiate Self-Service Support in Banking? It’s a Matter of Trust.

Posted by Bradley Chalupski on Mar 26, 2018 11:35:13 AM

3 minute read


All around the world, legacy banking institutions are struggling to differentiate themselves from their fintech competition. When asked why customers are flocking to alternative financial options in record numbers, the answer often boils down to a single word: convenience. Time and again, customers have made it clear that self-serve support is a critical factor in their calculations.

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[Finance] Financial Community Managers: Reconsider Your Community Terms and Guidelines

Posted by Devin Trim on Mar 23, 2018 8:41:34 AM

3 minute read

If you host a financial forum, it’s important to remember that user-generated content can be especially prone to complications. So it’s best to explicitly and intelligently spell out your terms upfront, in a mandatory “terms and conditions” agreement with each new forum member.  

You’ll sleep more soundly knowing you have terms and boundaries in place, and your online community will be more cohesive if they all play by the same rules.  

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[Finance] A Quick Roadmap in Recruiting More Members for Your Fintech Community 

Posted by Kenny S. on Mar 19, 2018 10:35:51 AM

11 minute read

So, you’ve decided to pursue a digital community strategy for your bank or financial services brand.

Fantastic. Now you need members.

Let’s assume you’ve already rifled through your list of existing customers and invited them to follow you on Twitter, like your Facebook page and sign up for your forum. Let’s go a step further and say you’ve incentivized them to invite their friends.

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