Top 10 Vanilla Blogs of 2019

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December 19, 2019

Top 10 Vanilla Blogs of 2019

1. The New KPIs for Community Managers

The key to success in any endeavor is measurement.

I mean that quite literally. Without a quantifiable sense of where you are vs. where you were, you can’t know (in any meaningful way) whether you’ve succeeded or not.

When it comes to digital marketing, this truism barely needs stating. No marketer in his or her right mind would walk into the CMO’s office without a set of precise measures indicating the success (or failure!) of last month’s new campaign.

Here are the ten key performance indicators that should matter to community managers.

2. Three Stages of Community Development: Where is Yours?

Each and every community is different—no two communities are alike!

Communities differ based on a number of factors, including the brand personality, the purpose they serve (such as being a support community), the dominant personality types within that community and the types of behaviours that are encouraged within the community.

Communities also differ depending on the development stage that they’re in.

Here are the three stages of community development, which will help you identify the right resources and tactics that you can use to improve your community.

3. 5 Types of People in Online Gaming Communities

All online gaming communities share several things in common. Most notably, they’re virtual hangouts where people go to share interests and get more enjoyment out of the games they love.

Nonetheless, there’s often a disconnect between developers and their target audiences. This is often the case with some AAA studios that are accused of profiteering and failing to listen to their players.It’s time to start viewing your community not just as a place for players to interact, but also as a platform for developers and publishers to build relationships with their players. This comes with knowing who your audience is – which is also why the concept ‘made by gamers for gamers’ is important to many players. In other words, you need to demonstrate that you’re one of them.

Here are five types of personalities you’ll find in any gaming community.

4. How to Create Collaborative Community Mission & Vision Statements

The key components of your community’s foundation are its vision and mission. Those sound simple enough, right? You’ve likely seen vision and mission statements plastered to the walls of offices, in libraries and museums, and even on the entrances to shopping malls.

But creating a strategic (and useful!) vision and mission for your community can be a complex process involving many voices and a lot of feedback. To truly create something more powerful than a framed document that gathers dust somewhere, you can’t do it alone. You can’t create it in one sitting. You can’t write it once and be done with it. 

Instead, to be most effective, you have to gather deep insights, research, and perspectives through a collaborative process.

5. Gamification in Online Communities: Increase User Engagement

Gamification is used literally everywhere – why? Because it works! It Gamification successfully increases engagement through providing incentive to participate.

Gamification refers to adding game elements to something that’s traditionally non-game related to make it more of a game. When this is applied properly to your online community, gamification can incentivize your members to participate, increase engagement, and lead to a more active community as a whole.

6. 7 Examples of Compelling Community Welcome Emails

You spend a ton of time brainstorming a great angle, recruiting your early members to join and seeding the community with helpful content and conversations.

Your community is steadily growing. Members are referring their friends, and even strangers are hearing about it. That’s great until you realize that all of these new members don’t know the story and mission behind your community.

One of the best ways to do this is through your welcome email. This is your first chance to get people excited about your brand and share your story.

7. Drive More Traffic To Your Forum By Using These SEO Tips

When you think of search engine optimization (SEO), chances are that your mind automatically thinks about tactics to increase the rank of your website and web pages. What you might not think of, however, is applying these practices to your community forum. 

Yes, SEO tactics can also be applied to your forum and increase traffic just like any other web page. In fact, if you’re not working towards increasing your forum SEO, then you’re definitely missing out!

That being said, this blog will give you some of the best tips when applying SEO to forums, including what search engines love to see and how to ensure that your community is doing it right!

8. Optimizing Your Forum SEO: Q&A

So – you want to make the most of your forum SEO to increase your visibility and drive more traffic? Smart move—you should be doing everything you can to make sure that your forum can be found! Better yet, let’s make sure it appears on the first page of Google!

At Vanilla, we know the ins-and-outs of forums, and we also know how to apply SEO specifics to your forum for prime optimization.

As a result, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for. This blog will respond to the most common questions that we hear regarding forum SEO. 

9. How To Choose The Best Community Moderators

Moderation is a tricky business. Why? Well, firstly because doing it well requires excellent judgment and social intuition.

Second, being a moderator seems to be wildly appealing to people who lack either of those traits. Disagree? Pick a bad forum anywhere on the internet and somewhere along the line you’re likely to find moderators who are either apathetic, incompetent, bullies or all of the above.

Moderation has its ups and downs, and not everyone is suited to take on this task. In this blog, you’ll learn how to choose the right person for the job.

10. 5 Biggest DevRel Challenges (and how to mitigate them)

If you’re involved in community building, it’s no surprise to you that while it’s rewarding, it’s also incredibly difficult. As CodeNewbie Founder and CEO, Saron Yitbarek said in a recent interview:

Community building is hard. It can look warm & fuzzy from outside, but you’re taking on a lot of emotional labor & there’s invisible work that no one will ever see. It’s ok to be frustrated, fed up, & lonely sometimes. Find those who understand.

There are a number of challenges that DevRel professionals face day to day. In this blog, I’ll cover 5 of these common challenges and how to mitigate them.



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Sarah Robinson-Yu

Written by Sarah Robinson-Yu

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