How to Embed Your Favourite SoundCloud in Vanilla

Posted by Adrian Speyer on May 26, 2015 1:06:43 PM
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soundcloud embedSoundCloud is a popular service to listen to podcasts and other type of audio files. We have now made it easier to have conversation about your favourite audio files. You can now embed SoundCloud tracks (or playlists) right into your hosted Vanilla Forums community. Here's how it works:

1. Go to and find a song you like.


2. Click on the share button


3.Grab the URL


Please note, SoundCloud's embed does not respect starting at a specific time. This is a limitation within SoundCloud's own embed code.

4. Paste it into a Discussion, a comment or message box, and SoundCloud will auto embed.


SoundCloud also works with playlists, so you can embed things like the Serial Podcast. Once the current track finishes, it will go onto the next one. We hope you enjoy this new feature.Check out the rest of the Social Media sites you can embed seamlessly.

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