[Product Post] Salesforce Integration with Vanilla Forums

Posted by Luc Vezina on May 15, 2014 8:09:16 AM

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A customer community is a great way to deflect support tickets and get customers exchanging ideas. Sometimes, a customers' question cannot be answered immediately in the forum because it deals with private information or because it needs to be escalated to technical support or to sales.

If you are a Salesforce customer and a Vanilla hosted customer, it is now possible for community managers to escalate forum posts to Salesforce.

Once you've enabled the Salesforce plugin and configured the connection, you'll see two new options in the post menu: Salesforce - Add Lead and Salesforce - Create Case.Salesforce - Add Lead or Create CaseA pop up will let you edit Case or Lead information and, upon submit, a new record will be created in Salesforce:


An information panel seen only by community managers and admins under the original forum post displays the most recent status in Salesforce:

salesforce case or lead in vanilla

To learn more about this integration, contact our sales team.

Vanilla Forums offers a cloud based solution that can help complete your customer support solution or uncover new leads for your sales team. Try Vanilla Forums Cloud Solution free for 30-days.

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