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Posted by Adrian Speyer on Dec 5, 2013 9:19:45 AM
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There are several ways to monetize the content on your forum. We actually have a whitepaper on forum monetization. One way described is Viglink, which monetizes all links or mentions of major retailers. We have a Viglink plugin included in all plans that simplifies integrating Vigilink into your community. Another way to monetize your forum is with online advertising. It's easy to include ads on your site with a plugin called Pockets (available in Advanced Plan and above).

What are Pockets?

Pockets  are placeholder slots available throughout your forum. They are a great way to add little bits of HTML or Javascript to your site. If you don't have Pockets enabled, and you are on the Advanced plan (or higher), please send a request to support to have it turned on.

Get Started With Pockets

Once you have pockets enabled, you will have a new menu item in your dashboard:

Pockets in Menu

On the Pocket settings page, you will see the following:

Pockets Settings

You can turn on "Show Pocket Locations" to see all the slots available on your forum. Only Administrators can see them, so it's a great way to see where you want to add a pocket.


Adding A Pocket

Now you are ready to add a pocket. Click the "Add Pocket" button and you will be presented with the following page to create your pocket:


Here is some information about each part of the "Add Pocket" form:

Name: This is the name for your pocket. Give it a descriptive name to distinguish different pockets.

Body: Here is where you can add snippets of HTML or Javascript. This is where you could add your Adsense, Doubleclick or any Ad Network you want.

Page:  Use this to control which page your pocket will appear on.

Location:  This is the location of the actual pocket. So for example, discussion page or  the footer.

Repeat: This is how you can decide to have your ad show every third comment in a discussion (using index = 3) or just have an ad just before the footer.

Conditions: With conditions, you control pocket behaviour. For example, you can create a pocket with an ad that will only be seen on mobile devices.

Enable/Disable: You should always enable the pocket in "Test Mode" until you are happy with the way it looks. When a pocket is in test mode, only those with Pocket Admin rights will be able to see your content.
If you are using a Pockets directly in a theme, you should leave the pocket as "disabled".

Final Word of Caution

Pockets are extremely powerful, so they should not be used lightly. The wrong code can break your forum, so always make sure to try things first in "Test Mode". Please note: We do not support the code inside pockets.

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