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How to use the Vanilla Commenting System with WordPress

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April 16, 2012

This post describes how to integrate Vanilla’s new commenting system with your WordPress blog. Using Vanilla as a commenting system will better engage readers and help accelerate the growth of your community.  When a blog article is published, a new discussion is created in the forum community and the comments on the blog post are mirrored in that thread in the community. Your readers can continue engaging each other in the community forum using the same registration, user profile and reputation capital.

1. If you had previously used the Vanilla Embed plugin, disable it by following the instructions posted here:

2. In your forum Dashboard, click on ‘Blog Comments’ and enable embedding.

Blog Comment in Dashboard

3. Login to WordPress and under ‘Plugin’ select ‘Add New’ and search for ‘Vanilla Forums’. Install the plugin and activate it. A new menu item will be displayed on the menu bar called ‘Vanilla Forum.’

WordPress Plugin Search

4.  Under the ‘Vanilla Forum’ menu select ‘Setup’ and enter the URL of your forum, e.g.

Vanilla Forum Plugin WordPress

5. Under ‘Comment Integration’ check Replace your blog's native commenting system with Vanilla comments and select the forum category where you would like comment discussions to appear. If you would like to direct comment discussions to different categories, you’ll have to modify the WordPress template and use the Vanilla Comments Universal Code instead of the WordPress plugin. This will require a bit of programming to map the WordPress category to the Vanilla category.

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