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Posted by Adrian Speyer on Oct 15, 2015 9:45:12 AM
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It's been two years since we released Groups. It's a popular and useful plugin, so we thought it was a good time for a refresh. The following is an overview of the new and improved Groups addon.

Getting Started

Groups can be a great addition to a large community, when you need a place for hundreds of users to congregate in a private area on an ongoing basis, or the idea of creating a subcommunity of users separate from the overall community. You can get started with Groups by simply enabling the add-on in your dashboards under "browse addons".


If you don't see it you can write to or your customer success manager to ask them to enable Groups. Once Groups are enabled, an administrator can decide what roles have the ability to create groups by enabling them in the permissions table.


The "Add" permission in groups lets this role add a group. The moderation (manage) permission in Groups, should only be given to those you trust to moderate ALL the groups in your community. This permission would allow members with this role to add, delete, close and more in any group even if they are not a member.

Once you have the proper roles and permissions enabled, you can navigate to your community. There will now be a new menu item in the sidebar and navbar of your community.



Creating Groups

To create a group, navigate to the Groups section and select "new group":



Next is a page to fill in settings:


Choose a description and add an icon and banner. This is also where you decide if you want to have the group marked as Public or Private. You can edit this option at any time by clicking the "Options" button under the header.


Managing Groups

Groups has three sections:


Here is where the group manager can make announcements, with a small preview of what the announcement is about. Just like in the community, a group discussion can be made into an announcement.



Group discussions have all the features a regular discussion will have. Members of the group, depending on the permissions you have set, can also ask questions or start a poll for the group.



You can create events for your group. Members of the group can choose to attend via RSVP or they can decline or defer the invitation.



Within the groups, you can also manage the members. For example, if you have a private group, a group owner will also see requests to join at the top:


To learn more about groups check out our docs here. If you have any other questions, our support team is happy to help at



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