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FOWD (Future of Web Design) New York 2010 Recap

Posted by Vanilla Staff on Nov 19, 2010 10:55:19 AM

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Exhausted ... after 4 days in NYC at the greatest design event ever, FOWD!

As you may know from previous posts I have spent the last few months on the road with Vanilla spreading the good word, and having a lot of fun doing it. I was very excited to have the opportunity to head to New York for a few days to check out FOWD, by far one of my favorite design conferences, organized by Carsonified. It was a fun filled, inspiring, and action packed 2 days of learning from some of the greatest minds in the industry focusing on design from all aspects.


Every presentation was good, but there were a few that really stood out for me.

  • Designing for Emotion - by Aaron Walter of Mailchimp. Aaron looked at design from a more conceptual and psychological approach and tied it in to how our emotions are affected by this.
  • How to Design Great WordPress Themes - by Nick La of n-design studio. Nick showed us how to design a WordPress theme that is properly UI'ed to give the user the best possible experience.
  • What Will Web Design Look Like in 2 Years? - Jan Cavan of Dawghouse Design Studio. Jan hypothesized what the future of web design will be based on the current state of the web and where it's heading with technology such as mobile.
  • 10 Tips for iPhone Interface Design - by Sarah Parmenter of You Know Who Design. Sarah illustrated how to conceptualize, design, and develop a successful user interface for iPhone.
  • The Changing Face of Typography - by Mathew Smith of Squared Eye. Mathew took us above and beyond the world of design and showed us how essential typography is to the success of design and the impact it has on the user.

What made it successful

  • Venue -New World Stages, an off Broadway theater in midtown Manhattan.
  • Location – Close to absolutely everything New York has offer!
  • Speakers – Wow, some of the greatest minds in the industry.
  • Host – Paul Boag. This guy ROCKS!
  • Food – Starbucks coffee in the morning and individual boxed lunches (Sandwich, chips, cookie, and a drink)
  • Attendees - Friendly, outgoing, smart, and interesting. What more could you ask for!

What made this event so successful, for me, was the overall feeling of being welcomed into a family. Every moment was an opportunity to meet someone interesting, spark a conversation, and create a new relationship. I was fortunate enough to meet some remarkable people, or should I say friends, whose kindness extended beyond the conference walls and into an amazing experience. It was like "design camp". Each day I had lunch, dinner, and some crazy nights with a varying group of individuals from all over world.

It was great to share our industry experiences, swap battler stories, and most importantly learn from each other and develop new alliances and strategies.

It's a Vanilla world after all

It was great to meet so many individuals who use Vanilla in one form or another. From freelancers, agencies, and even a few of the speakers, Vanilla's presence at FOWD was impressive. It is an honor to work for and represent a company that is so well respected by others. Thanks you all for your continued support and wonderful feedback.

Shout outs to Vanilla users/supporters at FOWD

... to name a few.

... and a great big welcome to new Vanilla users!

Good people, good times ...

As I've already mentioned, my biggest take away are the people I met, the agencies and firms I discovered, and most importantly the friends I made. I would be remiss if I did not shout out to the wonderful people that made this experience worthwhile.

*In no particular order

Follow these people on twitter @DanielJSullivan @thatguy666 @jamesfenton @alkarim @aaronkwhite @fabuloso @jancavan @gndv @boagworld @nickla @darcy_clarke @loulou @ webpop @teixido @b4nn0n @meghanbristow @nutshell @churchmedia

See you all next year!

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