[Gaming] How To Hit The Jackpot With Game Review Videos

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September 1, 2017

[Gaming] How To Hit The Jackpot With Game Review Videos

It’s no wonder, therefore, that developers are doing everything they can to attract these gaming video creators, both in outreach as well as paid user acquisition. And you should, too.

On that note, here are four best practices to help you get video influencer marketing right … the first time.

1. Choose the Right Video Channels

Twitch hosts multiple platforms but primarily has video influencers who create content for console and PC gamers. Youtube Gaming, on the other hand, is dominated by Mobile game content. There are other live streaming channels as well, but focusing your influencer research on these two channels should be good enough for all gaming platforms.

Recent YouTube statistics shows that 90% of gamers watch YouTube for strategy, tips and gameplay at least once a week. More than 50% of these users watch these videos on smartphones.

What does this tell you? That there’s a golden opportunity for user acquisition through paid mobile marketing or by creating native content with the influencers. Don’t miss it.

2. Make Sure Your Game Is Good Enough

Don’t rely on connections or money to get featured by influencers. Your game still has to be good enough to offer value and entertainment to influencers and their hard earned followers.

Here are three hot features you need to make it big:

1. Visually appealing gameplay that players not only love to play, but also love to watch being played. Visually entertaining games with high replay value are what drives gamers to your game or your community in the first place.

2. Games with co-op and competitive gaming experiences that engage more than single player are more popular as video content, and can deliver higher user acquisition than single player games. This doesn’t necessarily mean that small games or one tap mobile games are impossible to market, but you have to be selective about the influencers you target in this case.

3. Games with In-app purchases, in-game incentives and free to play models generate more excitement among gamers than anything else. If the influencer is playing with a higher skill rank and better armor or weapons, players get excited and are compelled to more easily.

3. Identify Your Audience

I can not stress this enough. When it comes to content marketing, the key to success lies in knowing your gaming audience inside and out. You must define their age, demographic, interests and any other traits they may have.

Why? So you can reach the influencers who create exclusive, niche videos for that particular audience. The better you research your audience, the faster the growth of your community through video influencer marketing.

4. Target The Right Video Influencers or Reviewers

In line with number three above, instead of going after the one most popular video creator who covers all genres of games, connect with 5 or 10 smaller influencers who have the right audience. They will deliver better engagement with your game’s content.

It’s also important to understand the kind of advertising structure you want to adopt with specific influencers. Some of them charge a flat fee per video, some (including managed influencer networks) offer options like Cost Per Install (CPI) and Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) models to create exclusive content for your game.

Depending on your budget, you should initially diversify your advertising plan throughout all of these options and influencers. After getting some initial data on which is performing better, you can focus on the type of content or specific influencers that are deliver better ROI.

Growing your gaming community by reaching out to the micro and massive communities already created by video influencers is a great way to reach your target audience faster. It’s much more cost effective than typical user acquisition campaigns. And most importantly, if influencers or their users fall in love with your game, they’re sure to create a massive number of videos … whether developers like you pay them or not.

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