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[Gaming] 4 Lessons we Can Learn from Last Year’s Most Epic Video Game Launch Failure

On August 8, 2016, the collective world of space/exploration game enthusiasts held its breath as the most anticipated space exploration of all time—No Man’s Sky (NMS)—prepared to hit the shelves.

On August 9th, hurricane force winds were reported as these fans exhaled and rushed to grab a copy of the game for themselves. Within hours, joy quickly turned to outrage.

The game had failed to deliver on some important promises. Continue reading

[Gaming] A Crazy Idea for Video Game Community Managers

High School is a strange season in life. Your body is changing physically, you have no idea who you are as a person, and you’re always being hounded by parents, teachers, and guidance counselors to decide what you’d like to be when you go up.

I just wanted to fit in. Alas, with so many of my socially-awkward brethren, high school was less a season of parties and prom queens and more a time of comic books, computers, and video games. Continue reading