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[Gaming] ASO Quick Guide for Mobile Games in 2017

Hundreds of games are launched on marketplaces like iOS & Google Play every day. The primary challenge of indie game developers, therefore, is in being discovered. Without a massive budget and strategy to acquire 5 to 10,000 users per day, it is highly unlikely that your game will be featured in any major category. Continue reading

[Gaming] The Great Divide: Separating Game Distribution Platforms from Your Community

It’s easy to get distracted by bells and whistles. In the age of the digital marketplace, there are superfluous options galore, offered by competing distribution platforms fighting for your attention. Sure Steam is king, but newer platforms like GOG, Desura, and Origin have disrupted the playing field with unique advantages, better deals and exclusive content.

While Steam’s leadership won’t be challenged any time soon, it has to be said that even though a lot of their features look great on paper, they simply don’t bring any significant value to content creators – not those interested in building a community past their reviews page, that is. Continue reading

[Gaming] The Pitfalls of Ratings-Driven Communities

We need to separate user-reviews from critics-reviews

Ratings Communities Gaming Reviews

The digital marketplace has become a river of reviews. Scores, stars, thumbs up and down drive the vast majority of digital purchases, empowering the average consumer like never before.

Dissatisfied with a business?

Leave a public display of frustration on social media and a rep will likely contact you within 48 hours to fix it with a fast remedy. Mobile apps constantly fish for positive reviews, not because they want your opinion, but to catch more stars than the competition, for the sole purpose of boosting their page rank higher. Continue reading

How to Make a Kick-Ass Game Trailer in 5 Easy Steps!

Nothing builds excitement for a new indie game like a mind-blowing game trailer. If you create something that is truly kick-ass, no gaming journalists or YouTuber can avoid mentioning your name; if not for your own benefit, for theirs.

So how do you do it? What are the fundamentals of crafting a super cool game trailer to market the heck out of your new indie game Let’s find out! Continue reading