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No One is Reading your Dev Blog. Here’s How to Fix It!

There are certain industries where content creators and content consumers do not enjoy a mutual relationship. The gaming industry is not one of them. In fact, it’s the interactions and exchange of opinions, ideas and experience between game developers and gamers that have made this industry what it is today. Continue reading

How to Deploy Friends and Family as Your Kickstart Army

It’s a no-brainer: the community of friends and colleagues you’ve built over your life and career is your #1 asset when launching a Kickstarter campaign. But just because it’s logical, doesn’t make it easy.

Anyone who’s ever actually run a crowdfunding campaign knows: a network is only as valuable as your ability to leverage it when you need it most. And that’s much easier said than done. Continue reading

[Gaming] How to Target Hybrid Device Users

How do you target an audience when their core behavior transcends traditional definitions of device usage? For example, what happens if you encourage long-form writing on a mobile device, or offer time-sensitive rewards on a home console? Odds are you will experience lower engagement rates and slower (if not declining!) community growth. Continue reading

How ‘Digital’ is taking over ‘Physical’ in the US Game Industry

The gaming industry is light years ahead when it comes to exploring new technology, such as Motion Sensing, Virtual Reality (VR) and even Holograms. But only recently has the urgent need to be accessible on all platforms at the same time been satisfied, thanks to the era of ’Digital Downloads’, and it’s changing the face of the US game industry. Continue reading