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Scaling Product Feedback for Product Managers

Over the years, we have seen at Vanilla the real power of customer communities in helping organizations at the tops of their fields through product feedback and innovation. From uncovering unusual ways customers are using products to elaborate workarounds when asked how to solve a specific problem with a product, your customers are your primary allies in building a better product. 

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Mel Attia

Jake McKee

Jake McKee is one of the founders of the modern customer community movement. He led Apple’s famed Global Support Communities. He pioneered efforts at LEGO to engage its adult users in a community - which spawned breakthrough innovations such as the Mindstorms community driven product development (which landed on the cover of Wired Magazine). He co-founded Ant’s Eye View (later purchased by PwC) which helped firms like Starbucks, Canon, and H&R Block build customer communities that became powerful engines for marketing, sales, product innovation and the customer experience. Jake currently runs Community5, a consulting practice focused on helping organizations drive more success with their online communities, fan engagement programs, and product development processes. He also manages the Dinner5 project, a monthly dinner series that brings senior community leaders together.

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