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Four Tips for the Community Manager in Mitosis Phase

Posted by Adrian Speyer on Jul 19, 2017 8:05:49 AM

5 minute read

Starting July 20th, over 150 thousand of the world’s pop-culture and comic fans will descend upon the San Diego Convention Center for the 48th annual Comic-Con (SDCC). Holding several Guinness World Records including the largest annual comic and pop culture festival in the world, it’s also America’s longest continuously-run comics and popular arts convention.

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5 Steps to Creating a Valuable Question & Answers Community

Posted by Adrian Speyer on Apr 21, 2017 8:00:30 AM

7 minute read

“How to unclog a kitchen sink”...

“How to clean a gutter”...

“How to do a Windsor knot”...

Each and every one of us has a problem in our lives we need a solution for, and what better place to turn to than Google? Search engines provide us with instant fixes in the privacy of our own homes. It’s no wonder then, that the most popular search queries begin with those two magical words: “how to”.

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[Product Post] Adding A Custom Font to Your Vanilla Community

Posted by Adrian Speyer on Feb 24, 2017 8:00:30 AM

2 minute read

Every Friday, we discuss one of the many Vanilla features that you can utilize in building and perfecting your forum. An important one is the ability to add your own custom font. Very similar to Google Fonts, the following article will give you the steps to allow you to add your favourite web fonts to your forum.

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When is a Forum Really Dead?

Posted by Adrian Speyer on Feb 9, 2017 3:03:32 PM

8 minute read

Let’s be honest. Not every forum “makes it.” Sometimes despite your best effort, and hours spent posting, promoting, and engaging, your forum still fails. You log in, and stare at a barren forum, devoid of activity or engagement, and it’s very easy to be disheartened.

Trust me, I’ve had the sad task of writing a couple of community obituaries in my time, even though the best intentions to succeed were there. From these experiences, however, I am left with the knowledge of just how powerful a successful forum can be for any company or brand. I’ve also learned a thing or two along the way about what works and what doesn’t.

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[Infographic] Resurrect Your Community From The Dead

Posted by Adrian Speyer on Oct 28, 2016 6:30:41 AM
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