6 Ways to Improve Your Community Management Skills


Community managers are at the heart of most brands. While helping to increase sales, retain customers, and grow the business, they’re also building relationships with consumers. They’re getting to know real customers and (hopefully) using that information to enhance brand personas and target new prospects. Continue reading

Peer-to-peer workforce training: How your employees can help each other ramp up quickly


According to an Ernst & Young survey, some of the top reasons why people quit their jobs are a workplace that does not encourage teamwork or allow for flexibility. Jobs in every sector are consistently changing to match the pace of technology, and unfortunately the onboarding process for new employees, and the training methods for existing employees haven’t been keeping up. Continue reading

Should you sell to your online community?


A look at Brand Communities and how to translate community into sales

One of the golden rules of online community building is that it should not be highly commercialized. Your community is made up of a group of like-minded individuals who are likely already customers. It may seem only natural to sell them on your products; however, these can be treacherous waters. Continue reading

Data Mining Your Online Community


Community building has multiple benefits to your business. You can connect with customers, receive powerful feedback, and provide technical or administrative support for your audience. An often overlooked benefit of your community is the ability to data mine your members.

Data mining is the process of taking raw data from your community and turning it into useful information. Your community’s activity on your site can yield important information that, as a business, may be beneficial to you. Continue reading