Why Us? The Strategy that Creates Community and Opportunity

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November 3, 2011

Why Us? The Strategy that Creates Community and Opportunity

If you want to build something that will build a tribe or a community you need to have a strategy. Strategy is a realistic system to leverage opportunity.

Have an understanding of what the opportunities are for you.

You need to have a vision to have a mission. Are you going to California or Zimbabwe? I need to know that before I know if I want to follow you.

What is that we can build with you that we can’t build alone.

Know where you’re going. Mission makes roadblocks irrelevant. Knowing where you’re going is irresistibly attractive. [good tips for guys ;)]

Belief in the inevitability of ultimate achievement of the mission is a key factor in eventually achieving it or not achieving it. When you know that you will achieve it, a roadblock is something temporary that you will get around, not something that turns you around.

Position is your value proposition. Your unique position makes opportunities. Knowing your values will help you identify who should be part of your tribe.

Pay attention [I’m in yoga class again ;)]. People who notice things know more than people who don’t. Notice people: who they are, what they do, what they notice. Notice people who notice you.

Identify your unique advantages. See the strength in your position. Own your offer. Be your value, well, consistently, and with dignity. Whatever you think is your greatest weakness is often also your greatest strength. When you have a perceived weakness, see how you can turn it into a strength.

Be your values and do it with it dignity, consistently. Don’t short change yourself when you are talking – step up and tell the story.

Be your best talents and values. Values create communities.

Don’t be what you do. Do what you are.

Conditions. Cycles, trends, and conditions shine with opportunity. In every cycle, the opposite is what allows growth. Example: the most businesses ever started were during the period of the great depression.

Make change & mutation your allies. Turn the challenge into the opportunity.

Decisions. Attract, ignite, explode potential connections with great decisions. Know what motivates the people in your community. Knowing them will educate you on how decisions you make will be perceived by them. Decisions will help attract, ignite and explode your community.

Negotiate…motivate from the same side of the table. Make it about them. Use the art of persuasion. Match the offer to your relationship.

Networks & Systems: Support every way people add value. Support your first generation of advocates…keep feeding them so they can build the next layer of volunteers who then work with the 2-minute cheerleaders who won’t do more than that little bit of cheerleading but make sure they have the support for that little but important role. Support every way people add value.

Loyalty is a relationship. Campaigns make sales. Community makes long-term relationships.

[That’s worth repeating. Community makes long-term relationships. If you are looking for an ROI for Community Management, that’s a big part.]

Campaigns make relationships with your products, community makes relationships with you.

Raise a barn. Don’t build a coliseum. Invite the best to help you build what they need. If they build it…they will bring their friends.

Celebrate your Heroes! They define you & make you better.

Lead the community. You can’t lead the community and be the community. You can’t be the teacher and be one of the kids in the class. You can’t be the driver and one of the passengers. Someone needs to control the community, police it, make sure things are going smoothly. No one wants to see the parent cry or make a fool of themselves.

Figure out how to bring communities together. Why us? Because it takes a community. People on a mission building amazing systems that extend our vision…to opportunities we’d never reach or reach for on our own.

[Great keynote! Like a good conversation that will keep on giving as I revisit it in contemplation.]


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