Weekly Recap: Content, Conferences, Customers, and Conversions

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June 30, 2017

Weekly Recap: Content, Conferences, Customers, and Conversions

How to Run a Content Pipeline with a Large Team of Remote Freelancers – Airtable

Valuable, actionable content is the life’s blood of any thriving community. Sadly, there just isn’t enough time in the day for a manager to consistently crank out stellar material. While managers could dole out writing tasks to other members of the team or organization, contracting with freelancers is an efficient and attractive option, though it requires an additional layer of administrative activity. In this article, the good folks at Airtable show you how to handle several different writers working on various projects simultaneously.

2017 Marketing Conferences Guide – Riverbed

Marketing professionals of every stripe thrive on professional connection. If you want to grow in your field, you need to expand your network, not merely online but in person as well. Even better, a good conference is the place to hear about what’s new and groundbreaking in your specialty. This post will give you a good overview list of all the conferences that are happening this year. (Confession: this blog didn’t come out last week though the author did make a few significant updates last week.)

Why Customer Experience Matters to Your Business – Marketing Insider Group

In this article, Johanna Rivard synthesizes a number of studies to make a strong case for why companies can’t afford to neglect customer experience. To be sure, she doesn’t blaze any exciting new trails. Nevertheless, this short and easy-to-read piece makes for the perfect evangelist piece to be forwarded to those folks in your organization who haven’t yet bought into the idea of CX.

How A Good Web UX and UI Design Can Increase Conversion – M&M

Intuitive UX design is integral to crafting a rewarding and high-converting experience for your customers and community members. In this post, the folks at M&M, a digital design agency, give a good overview of user experience design for those of us who don’t necessarily have a dedicated UX person at our disposal. What makes this article particularly useful is a pair of practical use cases dissecting both Amazon’s and Zomato’s websites. You’ll pick up practical hints, tips, and tricks that are perfect for the novice designer.

Did I miss anything? Add your favorite post from last week in a comment below.

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