[Webinar] How can you drive member engagement in your community?

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May 18, 2016

[Webinar] How can you drive member engagement in your community?

  • website visits,
  • page views,
  • time on page
  • number of conversations relative to users in community
  • and others…

However, that’s only part of the engagement equation. In this webinar, we discuss how member behaviour can be strengthened and encouraged through a particular path.

To drive member engagement, there are a few tactics that we’ve found worked – especially when you’re looking for opportunities to create a better user experience. Some immediate actionable tips that you can use are:

  • User Personas: One strategy you can employ to help define your target audience is to develop user personas. This allows you to understand the behaviour and motivations of your members and encourage certain actions.
  • Align community to an existing motivation: Develop your top members to moderate a monthly online events on specific topic that your community is interested in.
  • Showcase UGC (User generated content) messaging to a motivating question: Curating and showcasing valuable and relevant content from top posters can draw new contributors. A suggestion would be to post you best content on the front page and even send a regular email to all users.

Join our webinar for these and other tips on driving member behaviour. Listen to Richard Millington – Founder and author of Buzzing Communities and Melanie Attia, VP of Marketing for Vanilla Forumson May 25th 2016 where they’ll explain the specific steps you can take to move your members in the right direction.

Topics Include:

  • Understand how motivation really works.
  • Learn the 3 universal motivations behind high levels of engagement.
  • Discover what best motivates your audience and how to use that information.
  • Identify the core heuristics behind most of our decisions.
  • Decision and structure our platforms to guide members to take the right actions

When: May 25th 2016 1pm ET (GMT -5)

Join us today!

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