Bundle Up for Vanilla’s Winter 2022 Product Update

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January 21, 2022

Bundle Up for Vanilla’s Winter 2022 Product Update

With the holidays taking up a good chunk of December, we decided to focus on a few critical enhancements to the new analytics experience and integrations, to finish the year off in style.  


We’ve set out to ensure that tracking and reporting on community data is as easy as it can be within Vanilla. Back in Fall 2021 the new analytics experience we launched included a completely refreshed look and feel, updated out of the box dashboard, and a custom dashboard builder. We have taken all your feedback since then and made several smaller enhancements and bug fixes, but we also managed to ship a few new highly anticipated features. 

CSV Exports: The data from individual charts can now be exported into a CSV format, for input into other reporting tools, and/or to further analyze or manipulate the data. 

Copy Dashboards: Copying a dashboard allows you to take Vanilla’s out of the box dashboards and make them your own by adding your own custom charts and graphs to it.  

User Insights: Beef up your super user programs with individual dashboards for each community member. You can now see how each member engages in the community, what content they are viewing and reacting to, discussions they have participated in, and how their content is being received by other members. 

 user insights analytics

Discussion Insights: Drill down into individual discussions to understand the impact that a particular discussion has had on your community. These insights will tell you more over time about how many views an article has received, who has viewed it and who has participated.  

Article Insights: Similar to Discussion Insights, Article Insights for your Vanilla Knowledge Base will give you a look into how each article has been performing including article helpfulness, page views and the individual users that have viewed that article, over a specified period of time.  



Kaltura Embeds: We have teamed up with Kaltura to support embeddable Kaltura video links to enhance your community and Knowledge Base content with videos.  

Loyalty Program Integration (SwagUp, Sendoso, etc.): We have added Zapier triggers for badges and ranks, so that you can automate the swag you distribute to community members as part of your loyalty or advocacy programs. When a community member achieves a new rank, or earns a new badge, you can automatically have a tool such as Sendoso, send an eGift, or a physical gift to that member.  


That’s all for now, but we have a ton more exciting analytics, theming & integration roadmap announcements that were presented in the Winter 2022 Product Update. Head to the Success Community to see the recording, and a preview of what’s coming up in Spring 2022.  


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Victoria Burt

Written by Victoria Burt

Victoria is the Product Marketing Manager at Vanilla Forums. Having held roles in Product Marketing and Product Management at tech companies over the last 10 years, Victoria lives and breathes bringing SaaS products & features to market

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