The G2 Summer Report Names Vanilla by Higher Logic a Leader in Online Community Management

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July 12, 2021

The G2 Summer Report Names Vanilla by Higher Logic a Leader in Online Community Management

Because this ranking is based on our own customer reviews, the recognition is a huge deal to us! It means that our customers, the backbone of our business, who we appreciate so much, feel the same!

Our mission statement at Vanilla is: Community software that facilities collaboration between brand and customer to build loyalty, improve support and boost engagement. And we believe that we are meeting this goal!

Check out this 5 star review from one of our customers:

“”Vanilla – A great choice for your new community!”

My favourite thing about the Vanilla platform is its simplicity and intuitiveness. It was my top choice after the first demo I did, after seeing the admin view. It is uncluttered and logical. The member-facing community is customizable by choosing a theme or doing some custom CSS work. We did both, and based our design off of another Vanilla customer’s community we admired. We also have sub-communities built into our agreement, allowing incredible flexibility for future growth with new audiences.

We did not have a prior community, so it was important to have confidence in a platform that would get us “up and running” in the right direction. Vanilla has been a great partner thus far.”

To the customers who have shared their love thus far, thank you! We can’t put into words how much we appreciate you and this recognition means the world to us. 

Review the full report here G2 Summer 2021 Grid® Report to see how we compare to our competitors.


Our Customers have Transformed their Community Offerings with Vanilla

At Vanilla by Higher Logic we pride our ability to meet our customers’ requirements and offer a flexible solution that can be applied no matter how unique their community needs! Our online community platform has helped countless customers:

  • “A world-class online community solution with amazing flexibility and scale. I found the solution extremely flexible, the design is cool and UX is perfect. The large pool of add-ons and themes are definitely advantages for customers.”

  • “ The product is very flexible, which is important given how distinct our community is. (The Vanilla SuccessTeam) helped us navigate those options so we could easily and quickly take advantage of the flexibility the platform offers.”

  • “Vanilla has so many great features on their platform. It is also very user friendly, and they did a great job customizing it to meet our brand.”

Vanilla by Higher Logic received a 94% rating in Quality of Support. We think our SuccessTeam is the best in the business and our customers agree! 

“Turnaround time for support questions and modifications (included or paid) via Vanilla is both transparent and quick. I’ve never had to wait more than a month for a feature, and my support rep replies in less than 24 hours every time.”

“The thing that makes Vanilla stand out is its dedicated customer success team.”

“After signing our agreement, we were immediately introduced to Vanilla’s support and implementation team, who provided constructive feedback and shared innovative ideas for driving engagement on a weekly basis. . . (they) went above and beyond to ensure the success of the pilot program that we conducted.”

We have so many incredible customer stories that show our product in use that honestly blow our minds. Our customers have achieved great things. F-Secure is one of those great companies who used Vanilla to create an amazing community experience for their customers.

The cyber-security company has been in business for more than 30 years and in this time they have defended millions of businesses and people alike from cyber attacks, data breaches, and ransomware infections. 

They have historically relied on self-service to help support their customers. However, their customer experience strategy was no longer meeting the expectations of their customers. They desperately needed to improve. F-Secure was finding it difficult to meet their customers where they were and felt their CX was becoming increasingly out of date.

They made the leap to a Vanilla-powered online community in an attempt to improve their self-support capabilities. Year-on-year, F-Secure saw call deflection savings. In fact, with the thousands they have saved in support costs: “The amount of money that we make from the community pays for much more than just the platform; by measuring revenue contribution alone we are able to pay off the platform.” 

Not only are F-Secure seeing cost-savings, they’ve seen revenue increases through their community too. Their improved CX strategy has made a profound impact on purchasing: 47% of their community members intend to purchase. 

In a recent webinar, Anna Blomstedt, the Senior Digital Support Manager for F-Secure, spoke about how they are measuring the success of their community. The success of the self-service capabilities, an effortless experience, and cost-deflection are the number one KPIs they measure. 

In all, F-Secure’s customer experience has levelled up drastically through the implementation of a Vanilla community. Not only are there cost and revenue benefits, their customers are more satisfied and F-Secure has improved their relevancy, accessibility, and innovation with one excellent CX tech investment.


Why Vanilla by Higher Logic is Ranked as an Online Community Management Leader

The G2 Grid Report represents the voice of real software users and G2 has an entire team dedicated to moderating and ensuring the accuracy of reviews.

93% of our users have rated Vanilla by Higher Logic four out of 5 stars and 87% of our customers believe the product is headed in the right direction, and are highly likely to recommend Vanilla.

What’s Coming for the Vanilla by Higher Logic Community Platform?

On a quarterly basis, we release our newest features and upcoming roadmap so you know what’s available and what’s going to be coming soon. Keeping our customers in the loop is so important to us, and hearing feedback to further improve our offering is paramount to our success!

Our latest feature is Machine Translation (!) for your Knowledge Base which means that bringing your community global just got easier. On July 15th, our Product Manager, Valerie Robitaille, and our Product Marketing Manager, Victoria Burt will be talking through our Summer 2021 Release – make sure you join us to hear what’s coming and ask any questions you may have!

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