Vanilla Forums Cloud Software: March Update

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April 7, 2015

Vanilla Forums Cloud Software: March Update

Full Unicode Support in Usernames and @Mentions

With this change, your users now have more options than ever before when they sign up. Unicode offers a much higher character count, which is great news for those with names outside of the Latin alphabet. This is a huge boon for the inclusivity of any community. This support also extends to the Mentions system, so it will still be simple for your users to talk directly to each other within your community.

Pockets now has an “ad-free” functionality

Our Pockets plugin is now able to serve users with an ad-free experience based on their user role. This is great for those of you with paid tiers to your community, you can now offer your VIP users the option of skipping whatever ads you have on your site.

Granular Permissions for Reactions

Previously, only administrators were able to add or remove Reactions from a community. We’ve added a permission that allows you to give this to any user group. This is great for communities where moderators take an active hand in the gamification mechanics. You could even add a new usergroup with access to this permission for forum events and games.

 Hundreds of Other Fixes and Improvements

The complete change-log is here:

  • Added YouTube embed for playlists & mobile URLs.
  • Approved posts now increment user post count.
  • Added full Unicode support for usernames & mentions.
  • New discussion form now defaults category to “Select a category” rather than being blank.
  • Added Atom feed support.
  • Fixed miscellaneous tutorial & doc links in the Dashboard.
  • Community Managers can now turn particular Reactions on and off.
  • Wall (profile activity) posts now send notifications.
  • Wall posts and status updates now bump when comments are added.
  • Fixed the notifications view for wall comment and post notifications.
  • Fixed scenario where Pockets could break a category’s RSS feed.
  • Fixed “Troll” posts being viewable via their profile.
  • Removed file upload option from signature editing & wall posts.
  • Added endpoints for Promoted Content module.
  • Added “Ad Free” functionality to Pockets addon.
  • Fixed VanillaPop private message replies working inconsistently.
  • Fixed unanswered discussion counter in Q&A addon.
  • Fixed notifications sometimes failing when comments were added via API.
  • Fixed setting user photos over API.
  • Flagging addon now mobile-compatible.
  • 74 more performance, security, compatibility, and under-the-hood enhancements.

We’re committed to constantly improving and iterating our software to bring you the best possible performance for our cloud software.


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