Vanilla Forums Cloud Software January Updates

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January 30, 2015

Vanilla Forums Cloud Software January Updates

Please note that our old Emotify plugin is now deprecated. It will still work, but if you disable the plugin it will disappear from your plugins list.

Added support for and embeds


The popularity of these streaming sites have exploded over the last few years, and now you can embed them directly into posts in your community. Gaming communities should already be rubbing their hands together at the thought. No special code is required, as with our current embeds you can simply post the URL directly into a comment or discussion.

Reactions now has an Advanced Setting to change thresholds for Best Of & buried.


With this update, you have more control than ever over the gamification features of Vanilla Forums. It’s now simple for you to change the criteria for content that goes into your Best Of page, and you can also set the criteria for “sunk” content to be as relaxed or stringent as you wish. These changes can be made by clicking Advanced Settings on the Reactions Management page.

We’ve also added fine controls for setting who has access to various reactions. If you want to restrict certain usergroups from having access to certain groups of reactions, now you can. Reactions are split into three groups, positive, negative and flag; so you can decide who gets what based on the specific needs of your community. You can access these changes from the permission table of a specific role.

There are a ton of other updates, so check out the following for the complete changelist:

  • Emoji support improved & expanded to additional sets of emoji.
  • Markdown support improved with strikeout, spoilers, better quoting, and line breaks.
  • Debugger addon now gives more information.
  • Full date & times now always available in private messages (mouseover).
  • Mass banning now reserved to only administrators by default.
  • Streamlined Dashboard permissions for moderators.
  • Notifications alert bubble now clears immediately when clicked.
  • Dashboard documentation links were updated.
  • Added ability to translate Category names.
  • Added click-to-complete for autocomplete of mentions (previously only tab).
  • Fixed category discussion counter when moving discusisons.
  • Allowed Promoted Content module to pull only comments or only discussions.
  • Added support for and embeds.
  • Ranks: added role criteria and signature & avatar settings.
  • Reactions now has an Advanced Setting to change thresholds for Best Of & buried.
  • Reactions management page now has more info about each reaction’s functionality.
  • Reactions permissions can now be controlled per-type: positive, negative, and flag.
  • Signatures now supports mobile signatures.
  • CivilTongue now filters polls, private messages, and profile lists.
  • Multilingual change-language links now available as a module.
  • Improved mobile support for multiple addons.
  • Moderators can now delete attachments in Advanced Editor.
  • Spoilers now work in Preview mode.
  • Fixed scenario where an unconfirmed user could React to content.
  • Group: notifications & announcements improved, and added “My Groups”.
  • Improved functionality for reversing Warnings.
  • Hundreds of miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements.

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