Vanilla 2 Release Candidate 3

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July 7, 2010

Vanilla 2 Release Candidate 3

Obviously this release has many bug fixes & improvements over the last release candidate. This release also has the inclusion of some new plugins we are planning on bundling with the final Vanilla 2 release. They are a little late to the game, but inclusions that we felt were incredibly valuable:

  • Flagging: With this plugin, users can flag content for administrative review. Administrators then have a queue of flagged content in their dashboard for review.
  • Tagging: Finally, users can tag discussions and filter discussions by popular tags.
  • HtmLawed: We’ve removed HtmlPurifier from our core product due to speed concerns and memory issues it was causing. While we understand that there are caching mechanisms we could have adopted to overcome these issues, we felt that for download customers it was important to have functional HTML in comments out-of-the-box with no special configuration or memory concerns. HtmLawed fit the bill nicely. Be sure to enable this plugin if you upgrade your existing installation, or your HTML in comments will not render correctly.
  • Minify: This plugin will merge and compress (minify) css and js files so the forum pages load faster.

Finally, we’ve also made a number of SEO improvements, such as canonical urls so search engine crawlers will ignore redundant urls that show the same content (ie. vs, which both show the same thing).

For more information, including where to download, check out the community discussion at:


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Mark O'Sullivan

Written by Mark O'Sullivan

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