Using WishList Member to Set Permissions in a Vanilla Forum

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May 8, 2012

Using WishList Member to Set Permissions in a Vanilla Forum

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Vanilla has recently created a WishList Members extension so that you can partially or completely restrict access to your Vanilla Forum.

The integration works by synchronizing the membership levels in WishList to the roles and permissions in Vanilla. Vanilla’s Roles and Permissions let you restrict a member’s functionality and content. For example, you can restrict access to specified categories or you can restrict members from being able to do things like post.

Here’s how to get it setup:

1 – To get started, you’ll need to setup single-sign-on between your Vanilla Forum and your WordPress site:

1.1 – Install the Vanilla Forums plugin on your WordPress Site:

1.2 – Enable the jsConnect Plugin in Vanilla (In the Dashboard under Add-ons) and configure it using the information generated by the Vanilla WordPress plugin.

1.3 – Set the your forum’s registration to ‘Connect’ so that no one can register other than through your own registration system.

2 – The next step is to download the Vanilla Forums WishList Member Extension and copy it to the ‘extensions’ folder contained inside your ‘wishlist-member’ folder (contained within your WordPress plugins folder).

3 – In Vanilla under Roles and Permissions, create roles that correspond to the membership levels in WishList. For example if you have a membership level called GOLD, create a role in Vanilla called GOLD.

Each time a member accesses your forum using this integration, the members’s role will be synchronized and so if that member’s level has changed, the roles and permissions in Vanilla will be immediately updated.


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Luc Vezina

Written by Luc Vezina

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