Do you Understand your British Customer Experience Expectations and How to Meet Them?

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June 29, 2021

Do you Understand your British Customer Experience Expectations and How to Meet Them?

The future of your business depends on customer experience; but creating a great CX can prove difficult. As a brand, you can no longer just talk a big game of customer experience, you have to deliver on it. The future of customer experience lies in a sustainable focus: investing in the right tech to achieve all of your customers’ expectations.

The digitization spark that was set in motion in 2020 is going nowhere, and your customers expect that you not only meet them where they want you to be, but you meet them with a personalized, intentional experience. 

What do British customers, specifically, expect from the brands they shop with? At a staggering 66 million people, the British population had a purchasing power of 1.38 Trillion British Pounds in 2019. Most Brits moved to online shopping throughout the pandemic and expect to continue that trend going forward. 

So how do you meet your British market and create a strategy that satisfies its expectations? First, you need to understand what these expectations are and understand how they have shifted throughout the sweeping digitization of the past 18 months. 

Second, you need to facilitate these CX expectations. The solution to each of these expectations, you will find, is an online community. 

We surveyed over 600 respondents on what their CX expectations are and whether they see community as a solution to any or all of them. Overwhelmingly, community is the answer! 

British Customer Experience Expectations and How to Meet Them

When it comes to customer experience, British customers value the following:

  • 58% expect a fast response time from brands they shop with

  • 59% want assistance or solutions from a brand whenever, wherever

  • 53% would like the ability to speak to a real person when they need it

  • 38% require a self-service option to their problems

  • 45% need to feel appreciated by a brand

Ultimately, British consumers expect that brands facilitate a speedy, convenient customer experience. They want both self-service and interactional options to solve their problems, depending on what these are, and finally, they want the brands they spend money with to appreciate their customership. 

Are you delivering on one, some, or all of these expectations? A sustainable customer experience strategy that delivers on all of these is not as wild a concept as you may think! 

Obviously, we’re going to tout the benefits of an online community – but don’t just take our word. Of our survey takers, there were large majorities that saw community as a viable solution to their customer experience expectations. 

  • 79% of British customers think community is a fast option for customer experience

  • 84% see it as a way to access real people when they need them

  • 81% see community as convenient: assistance whenever, wherever

  • 86% of British survey respondents think community is a great self service option

  • 81% said that access to a community makes them feel valued as customers



58% of British consumers want a fast CX and 79% see community as an option to achieve that!

An online community can offer your customers a fast turnaround time to resolving their problems. They do not have to rely on or wait for your support team to answer their questions as they have access to a knowledge base or Q&A feature within your community. 

Offering your customers a dedicated space for them to ask and answer questions themselves can not only reduce the time your customers spend looking for answers, it can reduce the load on your support team, freeing them up to resolve the issues that are more complex. 


The majority of British customers begin their customer journey on Google or another browser: meeting them where they are creates a convenient experience. Once again, a dedicated space with convenient access to questions and answers, a knowledge base, FAQs, and suggested use cases allows your customers to find whatever they need in one specific place. 

Customers do not want to spend their time coming to you –  59% of them expect you to cater to them and 81% think that community can facilitate that. Information should be easy to find and easy to digest. Offering them a community means they can solve issues with convenience. 

Access to Real People:

You may read access to real people and think of a call centre, or chatbots, or email and yes, those could absolutely apply. But, offering your customers access to other customers that can chat with immediacy is of utmost importance to your CX strategy. 

53% of British customers want to speak to real people when they feel the need and a huge 84% think that community offers that option. Using a community means that you can rely on your members to speak for you, not just your support team!


Though self-service is less important to British customers (38% expect it) than across the English speaking market as a whole you should remember that self-service can facilitate both convenience and speed. 

86% of our survey respondents see community as an option for self-support and by offering it to your customers you can ensure that they only come to you with the more complex questions they need answered. You can repurpose your support team to ensure that those who need a person to speak with are being facilitated.


Offering your customers a community makes 81% of them feel appreciated and happy customers = long term customers! Showing your customers appreciation by catering to their expectations and valuing their time is the cherry on top of a great customer experience. 

Boosting your customers’ lifetime value is an essential part of your brands’ success. You can use community as a way to prove your appreciation for your customers and ensure they come back to you time and again.

Meet your Customers Where They Are

The British consumer market is massive and as a brand, you should be paying apt attention to what it is that these consumers want from you. You need to offer your customers an experience that they actually want. By investing in a strategy that is sustainable you can create a CX that meets customer expectations and benefits your brand overall.

Community allows you to not only democratize your customer support but it creates a personalized, efficient solution to the biggest demands from your customers. If you want to learn more about customer perceptions of community, check out our free ebook here.

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