You're Being Watched: The Financial Impacts of Neglecting CX

Posted by Luc Vezina on May 30, 2019 11:00:00 AM

6 minute read

Too often, organizations fall into the trap of viewing business value with a money-in, money-out mentality, and as a result, end up putting customer experience on the backburner. This is a big mistake. Every action or inaction has a consequence even if you can’t actually see the pretty penny attached to it, and the fans of your brand are watching your every move.

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What is CX? Why is Customer Experience Important?

Posted by Sarah Robinson-Yu on Apr 18, 2019 11:00:00 AM

9 minute read

Customer experience, also commonly referred to as CX, simply refers to the experience that a customer has with a business. It’s basically the impression that a customer has about your company based on their interaction history with you, and reflects how the customer perceives your company.

But let’s be clear: there is a difference between customer experience and customer service. While you can certainly make a connection between the wo, they are both different.

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Three Customer Success Strategy Frameworks You Can Start Using Today

Posted by Mark John Hiemstra on Nov 16, 2018 11:44:36 AM

8 minute read

Do you have a customer success strategy? Are you working from a plan that outlines how you’ll help your customers achieve their goals at each step of their journey? And is that plan really about their goals, or is it about your goals?

Recently, Emilia D’Anzica, CX Expert, Strategic Management Consultant and Founder at Customer Growth Advisors, shared with us the strategies she uses for scaling customer success. Part of her webinar focused on strategy frameworks that you can employ to create a great customer success strategy.

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Accelerating and Scaling Customer Success in SaaS

Posted by Emilia D'Anzica on Sep 18, 2018 7:45:00 AM

5 minute read

If you are leading a Software-as-a-service, (SaaS) company, recognizing growth opportunities beyond new customer acquisition targets are critical to growth acceleration. In other words, maximizing the revenue potential and scaling your company must include metrics focused on growing your current customer relationships. Through customer success, driving product adoption and renewals are the first steps in validating your product. Building an expansion framework, with advocacy and referral networks, is the next step and the secret to true acceleration and scale. Afterall, once a deal is closed, everyday customer interactions can either open doors for your competitor to take over, or what we all aim for, introduce you to new departments and companies that can benefit from your product. 

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