Top 10 Resources and Guides for Using Vanilla Forums

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February 23, 2017

Top 10 Resources and Guides for Using Vanilla Forums

Here are the top 10 resources and guides for using Vanilla Forums:

Creating a Community Strategy  and Choosing the Right Platform

The most care and consideration should go into setting up a community strategy of your online community. It may seem like a lot of heavy lifting upfront, but it will pay off in the long-term.

Align Your Community to Meet Your Business Goals – Want to know how to align your community with your business’s goals the right way? David Spinks, founder and CEO of CMX, and Melanie Attia, VP of Marketing at Vanilla Forums, have an in-depth discussion on how to align your online community to meet your corporate business goals.

The Three Pillars of Community – This ebook looks at the three foundational pillars: Sales, Support and Social. Learn how you can leverage them to create a healthy and thriving customer community.

Selecting the Right Community Software – There are so many options, experiences and places to find information that it can be difficult to make a long-term decision. To simplify your search, Vanilla Forums has created this guide to help you in your online community selection process.

Community Platform Requirements Checklist – This practical requirements checklist covers 100+ specific features and functionality and provides a framework that organizations should be looking for in an online community platform.

Online Community Launch Checklist – The key to a successful community launch is the often overlooked planning stage. This ebook covers all the essential steps from start to launch.

How to Leverage Your Existing Community

Now that you’ve built a solid foundation, launched, and your members have acclimated, it’s time to take inventory of what’s working well and where’s there opportunity for improvement. Depending on your assessment, you’ll no doubt need to make some necessary adjustments in the strategy and the overall management of the community.

How to Turn Your Community into Content Marketing Gold – This complete guide to community content marketing gives you all the information you need to turn your online community into well-oiled content-generating machine, and at the same time, helps reduce marketing costs.

The Ultimate Community Playbook – The Community Playbook packages the deep expertise of community managers and experts spanning business-to-consumer, business-to-business and enthusiast audiences, to help take existing online communities to the next level.

How to Excel in Community Management – In this recorded webinar, learn from four industry thought leaders who will delve into topics to help you become a better community manager through creative problem-solving and strategic thinking.

Measuring Your Community’s Success

To make sure your community is achieving its objectives, take a deep-dive into the data.

Ultimate Community Dashboard – To ensure you measure what’s most important, this guidebook focuses on measuring the health of your community including actionable insights that allow you to easily view trends and be alerted of warning signs from key metrics.

Tweak and fine-tune the appearance of your online community and how it functions by leveraging hundreds of the customizable and configuration options.

Tutorial Videos on All Aspects of Using Vanilla Forums – VanillaTV provides over 50 detailed how-to videos on managing and administering your Vanilla Forum-powered community.

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