Technorati State of The Blogosphere 2011 – Live at Blogworld LA

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November 4, 2011

Technorati State of The Blogosphere 2011 – Live at Blogworld LA

Where Ideas Begin, and Opions are Formed. Technorati is the place for independent bloggers…64M uniques per month. Also 26th largest ad network. Providing insight, trends, context. Shows what sources are influencing readers at any given time.

Some focuses this year: relationships between bloggers and brands, convergence of blogging and other social media, consumers attitudes towards blogs and other media, brands opinions & strategies for social media.

Done through Blogger, Consumer, Brand surveys.

Who are the bloggers? 61% are hobbyists, 39% pros. Pro-part-timers = 13%, Corporate 8%, Enterpreneurs 13%, Pro-full-timers 5%.

50% is US, then Europe then Oceania. 59% are male, which is down from last year. 75% have college degrees. 80% have been blogging for at least 2 years.

33% of bloggers have worked before or currently for traditional media.

25% of bloggers have blogged in the last week.

Why are people blogging? 1. Share their expertise, 2. become more involved in passion areas 3. meet with like minded people, 4. gain professional recognition,

Social Media Adoption: Google+ 68% of pros, 59% of all bloggers.

FB: Pros 92%. Twitter: Pros 98%.

Twitter Avg # of followers 847 for all, 1674 for pros.

Primarily used to promote blogs 76% for all blogs.

FB: 38% all, 82% pros use it primarily to promote their blogs.

Google+: less creation of separate accts than on FB. Smaller percentage are using it to primarily promote their blogs.

Others: LinkedIn is tobs, then YouTube, then Flicker, then StumbleUpon.

Traffic sources to the Blog: FB = #1, Twitter = close #2.

Overall traffic drivers. #1 tag your posts, #2 comment for reciprocity, #3 Listing blog on Google, #4 Claiming blog on Technorati…more to come [speaker is moving fast].

Top Tools

Social widgets (social sharing)
Built in syndication
Site search
Widgets from other sites
Video content
Trackback implementation
Photo hosting
Commenting systems
Multiple authors

What do consumers say about blogs?

Conversations with friends
Conversations on social platforms such as FB, Forums, etc.
then Blogs #5 for Trust and Recommendation

Bloggers and Brands
2/3 blog about brands
1/3 post product or brand reviews
1/10 blog about company info or gossip
1/3 of pros publish product reviews once a week or more
2/3 of hobbyist and 1/2 of pros blog about brands they follow

Bloggers consider it very important that advertising on their site align with their values.

Brand behavior is important to bloggers. Mixed reviews by bloggers in terms of how brands interact with them. 60% of bloggers are complaining that they are not being treated in a professional manner by brands, or at least not in the same way as they would traditional media.

51% of bloggers want to work with brands, 49% don’t or want to work with an intermediary to filter.

less than 23% say brands provide value, or are knowledgeable about their blogs. In response to question to describe the communications they receive from brands.

Most consider product reviews as value they can provide their audience. 86% of bloggers disclosed that a post was sponsored or paid. 58% disclosed if they had received a product they reviewed.

What brands say?
FB 38%, Twitter 38%, Blogging 19%, Blogger outreach 12% == tools they use. Majority using social media for only 1-2 years. 34% have their own personal blogs.

How results are measured #1 followers, friend, likes, #2 shares.

Rec’s for brands:

– Encourage and enable sharing across platforms.
– Bloggers are trusted peers. Treat them as such.
– More blogger outreach organically and be open and honest.

Biggest Changes in 2011
– Individuals trust bloggers, and brands now see that and understand the implications for their business.
– A trend towards integrated advertising content, including sponsored posts.

Biggest Changes for Media
– Social Media is the thin edge of the wedge…the lead to the campaign, rather than a supporter.

Blogger ad rev sources
Self-Serve 60% of rev
Direct 30%
Blog Network 14%
Sales team 5%

Blogger ad rev types
Display 34%
CPA 30%
Search 27%
Paid posts 14%

Typical Blogger Fees
Being a brand spokesperson $1365
Speeking engagements 1599
Paid to attend events $1000

Bloggers are influenced most by other bloggers

The majority of bloggers are blogging about brands, but bloggers reviews on brand interactions are decidedly mixed.

Still big opportunities for brands to do blogger outreach right.


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