[Support] How To Turn Customer Service Into a Marketing Tool

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December 15, 2017

[Support] How To Turn Customer Service Into a Marketing Tool

And it’s this: the problem isn’t that customer service is a myopic, reactive craft — the problem is that you think of it that way.

What Are the Similarities Between CS & Marketing?

In fact, there is another side of CS that is very often neglected, but remains just as important. Simply put, CS professionals should also be taking their talents to the marketing side of the business.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. The marketing team? The weird people that are always somewhere in the office talking about big ideas instead of getting down into the nitty gritty of actually helping customers? What could I possibly have in common with them?

And the answer is this: everything.

Both CS and Marketing have a single goal — understanding what the customer wants and then giving it to them.  The two departments are two sides of the same coin, and as a CS professional you should be thinking hard about how you can find the place where there is overlap.

Negative reviews on social media

Dealing with a social media crisis is something that CS professionals know all too well, and it can feel great when you swoop in and manage to save the day. But instead of just taking a victory lap around the office with a celebratory cupcake, you should use the experience as a way to let you customers know just how much your organization is committed to great customer service.

This is a technique that has a proven track record across all businesses. As we’ve discussed before, turning angry customers into happy customers can be as simply as reaching out them and asking to talk about their experiences.

But why let the talking stop with an internal discussion? Instead, take the discussion to social media and let the world see the awesome customer experiences your company provides. It’s the perfect way to show you care.

Use positive feedback as testimonial

CS professionals are always soliciting feedback in order to get the data they need to improve the customer experience they are providing. From a pure CS perspective, the point of this research is to find where customers are critical of performance. However, they can also serve to shed light on where the CS department is performing well.

When complimentary reviews come in, they are the best, most organic proof that customers are happy with how they are treated. Organic testimonials are one of the best tactics around, and the CS department should be systematically collecting them so that marketing department can use them in its content assets.

Understand customers better

When it comes to understanding customers, CS professionals have their ear to the ground more than any other part of a company. All of the interactions that go on, both large and small, offer insight into what customers want, what’s working for them, and what needs improvement and/or change. This is the kind of data that any other department in the company would love to get their hands on but can’t.

For that reason, CS professionals need to make an effort to systematically share their data (as well as their interpretation of it) with the Marketing department. This can be done to supplement a large number of marketing functions including the creation of buyer personas, the messaging to put in customer facing communications, and even better top-of-funnel lead qualification.

CS is all about teamwork

Ultimately, CS professionals are teamwork experts. In their day to day duties this normally means teaming up with customers in order to find the best way to create excellent experiences all along their journey with the company. Expanding that role to one where CS is also forming team with Marketing is an easy transition once there is buy-in from both departments.

If your company isn’t already, it’s a good idea to start a weekly CS/Marketing sync so that you can keep a running dialogue between the two departments. In the end, this will not only give the CS team a more systematic and dynamic approach to its core mission of customer satisfaction; it will also turn its efforts into a marketing tool by allowing the Marketing team to better understand how to communicate with top of funnel leads.


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Bradley Chalupski

Written by Bradley Chalupski

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