Successful solutions for Building and Growing an Online Community

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November 3, 2011

Successful solutions for Building and Growing an Online Community

Know Your Community. You are not your community.

Engage the Community with Content – what makes your community stand out.

Use Social Media to Grow The Community.

Grow the Community in a strategic way.

Manage the Community.

Case Study #1: Girlfriendology. Online Community for Women. Grown through content: blog posts, podcasts. Every time you interview someone, they promote it to their community. Now eBooks, Consulting, Products. Use Social Media, Twitter 24K, Facebook 23K. Work with Brands and Strategic Partnerships.

Goals & Objectives for the Brand
*Define Goal(s)
*Objectives to meet your Goals
*Brand to fit
*Revisit Goal(s) quarterly
*Know and stick with your brand – be consistent
*Be authentic
*Know your Community

Know Your Community (you are not your community)
*Survey Your Community
-Social Media Habits
-Their Passions
-Their Stress/Needs
(they will appreciate being asked + the answers may surprise you and thus help you refocus your energies on areas that work)

Engage the Community with Content
*Editorial Calendar (regular posts – type of post on same day of the week each week)
*Timely Topics
*Solutions to their Stress
*Response to Conversations
*Content Sources
-Guest Bloggers
-Regular Contributors
-Hired Writers
-PLR — Private Label Rights
*Repurpose Content
-Guest blogs
-Videos, audio…

Use Social Media to Grow the Community
*GIANT-sized opportunity because of the numbers
*Our universal, comfy, casual, community
*Go where your Community is
*Learn from other Communities
*Don’t try to be everywhere
*Spend your time very strategically
*Editorial Calendar
*Classics, VIPs (very important posts)
*Scheduling tools
-Limitations / Issues (be mindful of how changes to the Social Media platforms may effect scheduling tools)
*Where is your Community
-Content that fits THEIR schedule/needs (know your community and when they are online)
*Easy to Connect/Talk (you can put the sharing tools at both top and bottom of a blog post)
*Share every update (encourage them coming back to your site — don’t do everything on Facebook; what if a change to their platform wipes out your work, so bring it back to your site where you have control)
*hash # tags

Grow the Community
*Tribes (find like minded communities / individuals and build a tribe together)
*Joint Ventures
*Strategic Partnerships
*Build your list (your e-mail list)
-What happens if Facebook or Google go away? You need to have a way to stay in touch with them.
*WTH (what the hell) Marketing (try new things)
*Bigger isn’t always better (it’s better to have a smaller engaged community than a bigger bored community)
*Take care of Newbies
*Reward Contributors
*Start Conversations
*Join in Conversations
*Encourage Conversation

Manage the Community
*Guidelines – Topics
*Manage Expections
*Don’t Feed The Trolls 🙂
*Take breaks
*Walk it off

In Closing…

* Be a Friend to Your Community Members

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