Sh!t CSMs Say

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August 12, 2021

Sh!t CSMs Say


The CSM. A position that does so much for an organization but one that fails, time and again, to be described, understood, or appreciated. 

🙌 Preach!! I hear you say, preach!! 🙌

Being a CSM is something that only other CSMs can truly understand, and Jeff Breunsbach, Director of Customer Experience at Higher Logic, recently put out a call on Linkedin to find out how many other success professionals know the struggles and wow, did people deliver! 

So many CSMs and success professionals reached out with some of the best “tell me you’re a CSM without telling me you’re a CSM” phrases!

Feast your eyes on these awesome anecdotes and make sure you share yours too!


When you struggle to explain how you make a living:

The frustration is real with this one, people simply cannot grasp what it is a customer success professional actually does . . . 

“What do I do for a living? . . . first off, it’s NOT customer service”  

Phil Davitt

Person: “What do you do”

Me: “I do something kind of like support and sales. But without actually doing support or sales.”

Person: *clearly regrets asking*

Lawrence Drinkard, Customer Success Director – Enterprise at Vonage

“I’m essentially a quarterback between our two companies. I make sure your team gets what you need and our team gets what we need in order for us to both be as successful as possible.”

Chris Clayton, Customer Success Director at InMoment


When your hours are spent explaining the basics:

Despite the training, education, and expertise that you bring to the table, you end up troubleshooting over and over . . . 

“Have you cleared your cache and cookies!!!!” 

Desiree Alfieri, Senior Customer Success Manager at Talkwalker

“Have you tried clicking Forgot Password? 🤣🤣🤣

Thomas Seelbinder, Head of Success & Product @ Model Match

“What to click on . . . No, not that one, that one . . . 

Peter Sterkenburg, Certified Customer Success Manager

When your clients simply don’t understand the offering:

The shear exasperation you feel when customers have a difficulty understanding what you can and cannot do . . . 

There’s confusion over the things you can’t do:

“Our systems aren’t even remotely setup to support that.”

Josh Wyatt, Sr Director of Customer Success

And there’s confusion around the things you can:

“Did you know our product actually does that?!?”

Krista Roberts, Customer Success Professional

When you repeat yourself on a regular basis:

There are days in the week that you have to break out your well worn phrases to repeat them over and over. . .

“According to the playbook . . . “

Lauren Cannata, Customer Success at Findem

“It’s on the roadmap”

Jeff Breunsbach

“I apologise deeply for this. They are currently working to resolve this issues. It should be resolved shortly.”

Ryan Murphy, Enterprise Customer Success Manager at ZoomInfo

And, when you simply don’t know the answer:

Finally, there are times you just don’t have an answer but you’ve got to come up with an answer . . . 

“That’s a great question! Let me get back to you on that.”

Nikki Radu, Customer Success Manager at Acin

That’s what we have for you at this point but we know there are so many more epic sayings CSMs repeat all the time! Feel free to share these awesome phrases and share your own in the comments!

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