Setting Up MailChimp Integration

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June 18, 2013

Setting Up MailChimp Integration

Step 1: Enable the MailChimp Addon in your Vanilla Dashboard from the Browse Addons link.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Settings’ button. You will be asked to enter a MailChimp API key.

Step 3: Log into your MailChimp Account and click on ‘API Keys & Authorized Apps’ under the ‘Account’ menu. On that page, click on ‘Add a Key’.


Step 4: Paste the API Key (long string of numbers and letters) back into the API field in the Vanilla Dashboard. After saving, you’ll be presented with some additional settings.

Mailing List Settings let you choose which list in MailChimp you want to sync to. Selecting the ‘Send email confirmation?’ box enables double-opt in. The member will be sent an email from your MailChimp account and asked to confirm subscription to the list.


The Mass Synchronization options let you do a bulk export to MailChimp. **Caution** If you choose the double opt-in confirmation and have a large membership, the sync might take a very long time.

Bulk Export to MailChimp

A progress bar will appear as contacts synchronize.


Q: Can I export more than just email addresses?

A: Unfortunately, no other fields can be exported at this time.

Q: If I change an email in MailChimp, will it get updated in Vanilla?

A: The integration is one way. If an email is edited in Vanilla, it will update in MailChimp, provided the existing email is still in MailChimp. However, contacts added or edited in MailChimp will not get updated in Vanilla

Q: Can I export contacts to other email marketing services?

A: We plan on building more integrations in the future. Possibly Constant Contact and HubSpot. Let us know what integrations you’d like to see.



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Written by Luc Vezina

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