Qualtrics’ Community Increased Customer Satisfaction 1000%

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November 16, 2021

Qualtrics’ Community Increased Customer Satisfaction 1000%

Since the inauguration of their Vanilla powered community in 2018, the Qualtrics community has become an integral part of their support strategy and has helped to enhance their customers’ experience waaaaay beyond expectations. 

In fact, they have been awarded not one, but two Stevie Customer Service awards for the impact their community has created. In four short years, the Qualtrics Community has positioned itself as best in class in both recognizing the importance of customer collaboration, and offering a comprehensive support experience. 

Customer Collaboration

In late 2019, Qualtrics launched Product Ideas, offering their customers the opportunity to collaborate with Qualtrics employees. 

This space has enabled community members to share their ideas for the new products or features they would like to see added to the roadmap. Why is this important to customers? 

Because, they feel a sense of camaraderie with the Qualtrics team that far transcends the regular customer-brand relationship. In fact, members felt so encouraged by the dedicated space to share ideas, there were 3.4 X more active weekly users in the community, and customer satisfaction has increased 1000%. 

On top of satisfying their customers, Qualtrics has been recognized by the Stevie Awards. They recently won Silver for Innovation in Customer Service. 

​​“Qualtrics has done a great job recognizing the need for their customers to be able to provide information back into the company. Being able to uplift and increase their satisfaction rate exponentially through their ideas board is great.”

Utilizing their Vanilla community features has given Qualtrics a huge boost, and indeed put them at a market advantage – they have a direct line with their customers and can both enhance their customer experience and encourage retention; customers who feel entrenched in the product feedback and roadmap loop are more loyal than those who do not feel listened to.   

Comprehensive Support Experience

Further from their ideation feature, Qualtrics has used their Vanilla Community to better their support experience a whopping 40%.

The Support Portal was implemented in June 2020 and it has features such as a personalized support experience, streamlined contact methods, and past interaction records to ensure the support team understands the customer’s history.

Qualtrics was awarded a Silver Stevie Award for ‘Best Use of Technology’ for their cutting edge support portal. It has led to a 40% rise in accurately assigned tickets. 

The judges had this to say: “This is the best integrated channel support example I have seen . . . customers get more power to self-serve or choose the support channel they prefer. . . it’s personalized based on the product or services the customer has while providing them a complete support history to improve the customer experience.”

High praise for a fairly new portal! Best believe there are even more improvements coming to the Support Portal. 

Learn more about how Qualtrics is using Vanilla Community Software to better their customers’ experience and further improve their offering.

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