The Process of Moving An Old Forum To Vanilla

Posted by Vanilla Staff on Sep 28, 2011 7:01:21 AM

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When moving from an old forum or community platform to Vanilla there is a general process to follow. If the platform is one of the one’s that we have an existing standard importer for, the process is to export a dump of your old forum database, provide it to us and we perform the import into your new Vanilla forum. You can consult our list of legacy forum platforms we have standard importers for here.

For all other forum platforms, fear not, we have yet to encounter a platform we couldn’t build a custom importer for. This list includes from Jive, Lithium, Get Satisfaction, to SimpleMachines, BBPress, to even Custom-Built one-off platforms, among others.

The process in this case is that you provide us with an exported database dump and we would first analyze it to assess how we would build the custom importer for your unique case. After performing this analysis, we can estimate the cost and time to (a) build the custom importer, and (b) to actually perform the import. It is then that we can work with you to plan an appropriate time frame to perform the move and ultimately to complete the project task. Depending on the complexity and size of your existing database, this process can take as little as a couple of hours to as much as several days to perform. When it’s done, though, it’s done – there isn’t more to it than that, other than to do some post-import testing to make sure data transferred correctly.

To get more information on issues to consider when making a move, you can check out our previous blog post on the subject “Moving An Old Forum To Vanilla” and if you want to get more information on how this effects your specific situation, get in touch with us so we can understand your current platform, desired functionality, and time-frame for move and we’ll see what we can do to help.
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