Single-Sign-On Solutions Available with Vanilla

Posted by Vanilla Staff on Sep 26, 2011 4:25:21 AM

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One of the most in-demand features of Vanilla, as cited by our customers, is the Single-Sign-On capability, available through a plugin.  Single-Sign-On deals with user authentication, and it describes a user experience where a logged-in user from one system can click through to another system without being asked to sign-in again.  This is especially important when trying to create a unified customer experience, so that the customer never feels like they have left one site and gone to another – rather they feel like they are still on the same site.  Since forums are typically an extension of a site, community or application, this feature is usually very important.  As an example, with Vanilla’s advanced Single-Sign-On capabilities it is possible to log customers into a support forum directly from the software product they are using, creating a seamless customer support experience.

So how does Single-Sign-On actually work with Vanilla? It works through enabling jsConnect.  The plugin is enabled to interact with a library that is created for the external site or application that the forum will be interacting with to achieve the Single-Sign-On.  When talking to the Vanilla sales they can work with you to provide you all the information you need to get started.

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