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Posted by Luc Vezina on Mar 26, 2013 9:50:25 AM

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The success of your community depends on visitors to the site registering and becoming members. For most communities, the more members the better. Others will want to control who and how members register. Vanilla’s forum software provides several registration options:

1. Basic Registration

Forum software registration optionsThis allows a member to fill out a simple form and immediately be granted access. This method of registration requires that the user provide a username, email address and password. It’s recommended to require email address confirmation to keep out Spammers or users with bad intentions. The form also includes a CAPTCHA to prevent SPAM bots from registering.

2. Approval

This option allows users to register by filling out a form but their membership must be approved by an administrator before they are granted member status.

3. Invitation

If you run an exclusive community, you can limit registration to people who have received an invitation from an existing member. You can set how many invitations a member can send out each month and how long those invitations last before they expire.

4. Single-Sign-on (SSO)

If your website or web-app requires registration, it can be frustrating to have to register a second time to access the forum. SSO allows users to register and sign in using their existing login. SSO can be implemented to provide a seamless experience where the user doesn’t notice that they are in fact leaving one site and logging into another. SSO allows you to pass all user profile info including email, profile pic and even the member’s Rank and Role. SSO documentation can be found here.

5. Social Connect

Since most people already have a Facebook, Twitter or Google account, using those accounts to register can be a very convenient Vanilla Social Connect Sign In Facebook Twitteroption. The downside is that these services are usually tied to a person’s real identity and some people prefer to register to a forum using a pseudonym. Unless you want to enforce real identity, it’s a good idea also allow the basic registration method alongside. Instructions on how to set up social connect can be found here.

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