Private Conversations: Top 25 Features For Users

Posted by Adrian Speyer on Sep 11, 2013 12:44:24 PM
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Over the next couple of weeks we are sharing 25 reasons why users love a community built on Vanilla’s cloud platform. The twelfth feature is:

Private Conversations

Unlike other forum software that have a private message (PM) feature, Vanilla Forums uses the concept of private conversations.

Private conversations are conversations in the format of threaded email. You can easily follow the private conversation between yourself and another party.

threaded conversation

 To make sure you write to the proper user, Vanilla uses auto-suggest on usernames.

auto complete private messages

You can bring new people into an existing conversation.

added to conversation

When you are added to a conversation you will be notified with a pop-up (should you choose) in the bottom corner of your browser.



And you will also see a notification in your user menu bar.



If a user leaves a conversation you were participating in, you'll see that too.

leaving a conversation

Private conversations are a fresh take on the private message systems you will find in other forum software. As many users tell us, its more useful and intuitive than what they're used to. For more awesome features check out the full list of features users love about Vanilla Forums.

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