[Product Post] Introducing Multi-Forum Management

Posted by Luc Vezina on Dec 11, 2014 11:40:17 AM

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Today, we are introducing two new features that will improve Vanilla deployments where  customers are better served by dividing the forum into smaller sections or many multiple forums. The first is called Sub-communities which lets you divide one community into smaller sub-communities, the other is called Vanilla Hub and allows for the rapid creation of multiple separate forum instances (forums are not to be confused with categories).

Sub-communities are useful when you want to create several distinct areas of a community without forcing users to login or create a new profile and build up a new reputation for each site.  The two most common use cases for sub-communities are multi-lingual communities and support communities that cover several product lines. Sub-communities currently supports the following features:

  • Filter out recent discussions, announcement and messages by sub-community
  • Create friendly URL slug for each sub-community, ex: forum.yoursite.com/product1
  • Navigate from one sub-community to another a drop down list or links in the theme
  • Use of the Category CSS tag to modify the theme by sub-community

Sub-communities is only available on some subscription plans and requires some advanced theming to be properly implemented. Please contact your account manager for more information.

Vanilla Hub

The Vanilla Hub is intended for cases where dozens or hundreds of separate self-contained  forums are required.  Users must register or SSO into each forum and create new profile in each.   Example use cases are: companies with many products that each need a support forum and colleges that need many forums for the duration of a semester.  The Hub lets you spawn new instances of Vanilla  in seconds through the Admin Dashboard or via the API.

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