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Posted by Adrian Speyer on Apr 10, 2015 12:38:57 PM
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In our latest cloud release, we added the ability for you to decide which, if any, of your community members get to go ad-free. The following is more info on how that works.

Enable Pockets

The first step in using this feature is to enable Pockets. Pockets are a great way to add javascript code from the ad network of your choice (for example Google Adsense, Google DoubleClick or others). You will find Pockets in your Dashboard under Appearance.

Pockets in Menu

If you don’t have Pockets enabled, and you are on the Advanced plan (or higher), please send a request to support (or your Customer Success Manager, if applicable) to have it turned on. To learn more about the basics of Pockets, check out this quick guide.

New Condition

In the newest version of Pockets, we have added a new condition you can select: "This pocket is an ad." You should select this if the pocket you have is an ad and you wish to have the ad-free permission apply to this pocket.


New Permission

Now, let's make it all come together. Select the Roles & Permissions menu in your Vanilla dashboard, and select the role you wish to modify. Another option could be to create a new Premium member role. Regardless what you choose, to enable the no-ad ability to a role, you will want to select "Allow" in the "No Ads" row of table:


When you save your changes, any role that has this ability selected will be able to move about your forum without seeing any Pockets that contain ads.


One way we have already seen this functionality used is a community with paid membership integration via SSO (single sign-on). Members who pay a monthly fee get access to premium content and have the ad-bearing pockets hidden. In this way, ads are still shown to guests and regular non-paying members. Even without SSO, you can reward your best members by giving them an ad-free experience just by upgrading their permissions.

If you have any other ways you are using this new configuration option, please share them in the comments.

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