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Posted by Adrian Speyer on Apr 17, 2015 10:43:47 AM
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Best Of Filter

The BestOf view in your Vanilla Community is populated by best content as curated by your community. As you and your members react to content, your BestOf page will grow. While the main BestOf page shows everything in your community, did you know each reaction in your community has its own BestOf page? In the following theme tip, we will show you how to display a filter list of all the reactions on your BestOf page.

Show the the BestOf Filter
Many of the themes hide the BestOf filter, but it's as easy as making a small change to make the BestOf filter show. For example, in the Bootstrap theme, add the following to your Customize Theme CSS tab

display:inline !important;

With that small change you will get the following filter bar on the BestOf page:

BestOf FIlter Box

Show Promoted BestOf only
Since we are talking about BestOf and filtering, what if you wanted to do the opposite? Some customers want to get rid of the BestOf link or they want to show only the Promoted content. It's understandable, as Promoted content is controlled by the moderation team and sometimes this offers a more curated experience.

Let's look at a typical nav bar, as you would see in the Booststrap theme:


BestOf is called by {custom_menu} in your Customize Theme HTML tab. It adds any menus created by plugins and applications (like social groups, for example). Rather than delete this line in your theme, add the following CSS to the CSS Tab of Customize Theme to hide the link to BestOf:

display:none !important;

Now the link is gone.


To add a link back to Bestof, to just show promoted content, just add the following to your Customize Theme HTML tab right below {custom_menu}:

This is the end result:

Bestof-NavbarNow all your community members will see when they click the "Best Of" link is promoted content. Make sure to also hide the filter (we showed you how to unhide earlier) to make the changes complete. To link to any other BestOf reaction pages, the steps are the same, except your link will change to the reaction name.

We hope you found these tips helpful. Check under the product category for more product tips.

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