Configuring the LinkedIn Social Login

Posted by Luc Vezina on Jul 22, 2013 11:05:36 AM

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In this post, we explain how to setup the LinkedIn Social Login that allows user to register and login using their LinkedIn account. Vanilla supports the most popular social logins including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Open ID.

1) Log in to your Dashboard and go to Forum > Social. Enable LinkedIn:


2) Click on the gear icon to configure the login. You will need to create a new application in your LinkedIn account and copy the API Key and Secret Key to your Vanilla account.

3) Go to and click on ‘New Application’.

LinkedIn Create Application

4) Fill out the mandatory fields and make sure to check ‘r_basicprofile’ and ‘r_emailaddresss’ under OAuth User Agreement. Also add to Oauth 2.0 Redirect URLS, the address to your vanilla forum and add "entry/connect/linkedin".

For example, will need become:


To save, agree to LinkedIn’s terms of service and click on ‘Add Application’.

5) Copy the API Key and Secret Key you receive back to Linkedin settings in your Vanilla Dashboard.

6) Users will now be able to register and login using their LinkedIn accounts.

LinkedIn Login Option Vanilla Forums

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