Automatic Embeds: Top 25 Features For Users

Posted by Adrian Speyer on Sep 4, 2013 2:29:39 PM
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Over the next couple of weeks we are sharing 25 reasons why users love a community built on Vanilla’s cloud platform. The eighth feature is:

Automatic Embeds

Vanilla Forums recognizes many social media website urls and will automatically embed the content in the forum for you. All a user needs to do is grab the url of a supported website and the rich content appears. Here is an example:


Below are the current services we support for automatic embed:

Here is how the Twitter URL will look when posted:

Twitter Emed
A user posts this url in a comment box: The result is a Vine that can be watched right in the forum:

Saw an awesome YouTube Video? All a user needs to do is grab the YouTube url: The result? A video right in the forum:


You can paste a Vimeo URL: The result will look like this:


Found something cool you want to share from Pinterest? Paste a url: and the end result?


Have an awesome shot from Instagram? Grab it using " Copy share url" or on the desktop just grab the pics url. It will look like this: The end result in the forum will be as below:


For more awesome features check out the full list of features users love about Vanilla Forums.

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