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Posted by Adrian Speyer on Aug 14, 2013 9:19:40 AM
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Vanilla Forum Analytics

When you use Vanilla Forums you get access to some great data about user behaviour. Unlike traditional analytics that focus on clickstream, Vanilla Statistics gives you information about how your members are using your forum. Some of the data you will be able to see include which discussions are popular, how many comments these discussions have and you will also be able to identify the most active users of your community. Vanilla Statistics are part of any hosting package and you can read more about the features in our documentation.

vanilla statistics

Using the Pockets Plugin to Add Analytics

While Vanilla Statistics provides an overview of your community, it's also simple to add whatever analytics package you prefer  (Google Analytics, GetClicky, Crazy Egg, ect) with our Pockets add-on. Once you have the Pockets Plugin enabled, get the Javascript code or tag from your analytics provider, open up the Pockets plugin and click "Add Pocket". The next step is to fill in the information as below.

Analytics via Pockets plugin

Make sure to give your pocket a name that is memorable. In the body box, copy the code given to you by your Analytics provider. For location, select the Header or Footer section (depending on your providers requirements). The final step is to choose the repeat option. Select "before" if you want the code to be placed "before" the header (which is recommended by Google Analytics).  To place the analytics code in the footer, chose "after" so your Analytics tag will be at the bottom of your page just before the </body> tag. Please note: Do not add your analytics code directly to the HTML customize theme tab. Doing so will not record users coming from mobile devices. By using Pockets, and the head or footer location, you will ensure your analytics program can track both desktop and mobile visitors.


With a combination of Vanilla Statistics and your favourite analytics provider, you can explore indepth data about your forums' visitors behaviour. Vanilla Statistics is standard for all hosting accounts, as is the ability to add Analytics. Please contact support with any questions or if you require assistance with pockets.  Happy tracking!

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