[Product Post] Theme Tip: Granular Permissions, Discussions & Your Content

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January 29, 2016

[Product Post] Theme Tip: Granular Permissions, Discussions & Your Content

Setting the permissions

The first step is to ensure you have the permissions you want for a specific role. Imagine if you will, that you run a customer support community. In your community, you want to create a role called “Platinum” for your best customers. Part of their permissions will be to access to a special category with topics only for them. Let’s call that area the “Premium” category.

When you create this new category, select: “This category has custom permissions”. It will open a grid which we will modify to give this role special permissions to this category.


Make sure you also note the ID of the Category in your address bar, you’ll need this later.


In our Vanilla dashboard, you will also see the Role for Platinum users will now have these same permissions:


What does this mean exactly, though? It means a community member with this role will have access to “Add” & “View” a discussion in all default categories, but also have these same permissions in the special “Premium Category”.

Now it’s time to decide what you want to show.

Deciding What Content

You can add any content you want, really. You can add it the content in a Pocket or add HTML directly into your theme. For our purposes, we will show you how to add content from a Pocket, but the concepts will be similar.

The reason we will use Pockets is that it’s a much easier way to change things on the fly. Pockets are a Vanilla add-on that lets you add HTML or Javascript in designated areas in your website. You also have the option to use a custom location. (You can learn more about Pockets here.)

Here is an example of a Pocket we’ve created:


We will select a custom location (as you can see). You can also add CSS to customize theme to make it prettier. Make sure to copy the name of the Pocket. We’ll need it in the next step because, if we made this Pocket live, everyone would see it!

Adding Code To Your Theme

Here comes the fun part. Open up customize theme and locate where you want the message to appear. For this example, let’s add the message to just above the panel. This would be about here:


Here is the code to add:

{if CheckPermission('Vanilla.Discussions.Add', 13)}
{pocket name="YouRock"}

The following is how it will look:


Let’s break down the code:

  • We check the permission of the current user. If you use “!” (an exclamation point) in front of CheckPermission, it means the member who does not have such a permission would see the content.
  • You can check any permission you want like CheckPermission(‘Garden.Activity.View’). This would check if the role has the ability to view the activity stream on your community.
  • Next, why the number 13? We are checking the ability for a member to add a discussion to category 13 (the id associated to the Premium category). As another option, if you want content to show to those who can see, but not add content is to use the view permission, you could do: {if CheckPermission(‘Vanilla.Discussions.View’, 13)}
  • Pocket Name is the name of the Pocket. You don’t have to use Pockets, but it can make things easier if you swap out creatives/messages on a regular basis and you don’t want to touch your theme.

Here’s an extra bonus: If you had two Categories for which you wanted it to show content, here is what it would look like:

{if CheckPermission('Vanilla.Discussions.Add', 13) || CheckPermission('Vanilla.Discussions.Add', 14)}

Also, we noted before that you do not need to use Pockets. You can add whatever HTML/Javascript you want in-between the permission check . Make sure that for Javascript you use {literal}{/literal} tags.

{if CheckPermission('Vanilla.Discussions.Add', 13)}
{literal}// {/literal}

End Result

What does it look like in the end? Check it out:


(Please note we did add some custom CSS in the customize theme tab to make the message stand out).

Now it’s your turn to make something cool and creative! If you’re looking for more, check out this blog post on customizing your Vanilla theme even more.


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Adrian Speyer

Written by Adrian Speyer

Adrian Speyer is the Head of Community and Lead Evangelist for Vanilla by Higher Logic. Besides spending many years in digital marketing, Adrian has been building communities of all sizes for over 20 years.

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