[Gaming] 3 Indie Game Marketing Tactics That Actually Work

Today, game developers have a window on more audience insight than ever before, thanks to digital downloads and real-time user ratings on the internet. Add to this an abundance of readily available performance marketing tools, and game developers can quickly and easily obtain clear strategies to effectively market to any target audience. Continue reading

[Gaming] Power User’s Way of Distributing Game Press Releases Right!

The importance of creating a substantial buzz before the launch of your game cannot be over emphasized, or even emphasized enough! It is this buzz that provides the necessary boost to the efficacy of your press release when the time comes.

Note, however, that sending cold emails to a bunch of journalists won’t give you the desired results unless you’ve had prior communication with them or other major media sources in your industry. So make certain to establish a rapport with these press people before you start distributing content to them. Continue reading