10 Etiquette Rules for Community Managers

community manager etiquette

Let’s face it, community managers aren’t just sharing news and information on behalf of the brand – they are the brand. Their comments and replies are being watched by countless consumers, who expect prompt replies, unfaltering product knowledge, and sometimes a bit of magic.

It’s a career that requires someone who’s smart, resourceful, patient, and willing to put in work. Above all else, it requires a great deal of etiquette – and I’m not talking about the kind that requires your pinky finger pointed to the sky while you sip tea. Continue reading

4 Threats to Your Community’s Success


Community managers are under a lot of pressure to be perfect. You need to craft the perfect responses, develop the perfect strategy, and have perfect knowledge of the brand. Don’t be overwhelmed – this is achievable with some preparation. Let’s look at four threats to your community’s success, and how strategy and some initial groundwork will help you overcome and thrive. Continue reading

Voices from the Outside: 3 Unexpected Benefits to Letting Outside Thought Leaders Teach Your Community


Every smart marketer knows that interviews are a gold mine of valuable content. Not only are they an incredibly efficient way of generating material, but they leave you with tons of options for future content pieces.

Andrew Garner at Mixergy, for example, has built an incredibly lucrative business on little more than repackaged interviews with various founders and thought leaders.

That’s all perfect for a content marketer, but what does it have to do with community management? Aside from the obvious content advantages mentioned above, here are three tangible benefits for your community building efforts. Continue reading

Why Should I Hang Out with You? 5 Tips for Building an Online Community People Actually Want to Join


With all the unread emails to deal with and arguments to be had on Facebook, why should I take the time to join a community of strangers on some forum or website? What could possibly be in it for me?

If you’re a community manager and you can’t answer that question, then don’t expect anyone to subscribe.

People are busy. They want to use their time wisely by only devoting their attention to things that will truly make their lives better. In other words, people want value. Continue reading