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Posted by Luc Vezina on Jan 24, 2014 11:32:24 AM

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The content that you and your membership have created in your community is a valuable asset that has required effort to create. You should be able to get an export of your data so that you can use it with another application or to keep as a local backup.

Vanilla Forums is committed to data portability and will make reasonable efforts to accommodate data export requests as quickly as possible:

  • Upon request, Vanilla will provide an export of your data as a MySQL dump. We can also provide your UserList in a CSV format.
  • The export will include discussions, comments, user profile information including hashed passwords, and private messages. The export will not include application configurations, statistics, the theme file, and some other data that would not easily be ported to another application.
  • Exports will be provided at a reasonable frequency (no more than monthly) and within a reasonable delay (dependent on how many other support tickets are ahead of yours).
  • Exports will be provided at no charge. Your account billing must be in good standing.

Vanilla Forums is a strong believer in SaaS customer rights, including full data ownership for their customers. Try Vanilla Forums Cloud Solution free for 30-days

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