What We're Reading Around the Web: Intelligent Businesses, 500 Community Managers, a Slew of Robots, and the Unexpected Link Between Employees and Customers

Posted by Alok Chowdhury on Jul 31, 2017 4:30:23 PM

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Here are a roundup of helpful articles that hit the web last week on topics touching community management, customer service, artificial intelligence, and customer experience management.

What 500 Community Managers Can Teach About Building a Community - Entrepreneur

In this article, Sujan Patel breaks down salient points of CMX’s 2017 Community Value and Metrics report. The report “offers valuable takeaways, insights, and inspiration from more than 500 community manager respondents.” Particularly, he focuses on relationship-building, online customer service, analytics, and the need for a dedicated community manager. As an intro into and synopsis of the CMX report, this article is worth the 5-10 minutes you take to read it.  Read it here.

How business intelligence can help non-techies use data analytics - The Next Web

Artificial Intelligence, as exciting as it is, can sound like a whole lot of futuristic nonsense to those who don't have the resources to implement it easily. In this article, Daan Pepijin takes a look at recent developments in Business Intelligence (BI)—the commercial application of big data. As Pepijin shows, BI software companies are beginning to design AI solutions for business users with virtually no technical expertise. Long story short, it's getting easier and easier to bring AI into your business. This article will help you get a handle on some of the possibilities. Read it here.

The Surprising Link Between Customer Experience And Employee EngagementForbes

In this article, Christine Comaford interestingly makes the point that focusing on employee engagement will actually yield more immediate results in terms of customer experience than focusing directly on the customers themselves. She backs this up with useful data, all the while showing the reader how to forge a secure link between employee and customer experience. A key takeaway for community managers? Employees are every bit a part of your brand’s community as your customers are. As you go after the latter, consider how you can engage the former as well. Read it here. 


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