Happy Holidays from Vanilla Forums!

Posted by Patrick Groome on Dec 25, 2015 10:00:24 AM

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HAPPY holidays 2015

We hope your year has been as good as ours, and that you will forgive us for reusing the basic premise and themes of this post on our New Year's message. We hope that you;

(tick as applicable)

  • ...get everything you want from Santa
  • ...finally successfully enact your assassination plan against the hated Père Noël and his elven minions
  • ...spend treasured time with your wonderful family
  • ...manage to avoid the machinations of your despised loved ones
  • ...eat all of your favourite foods until you're fit to burst
  • ...drink your protein shake and stare disdainfully at your gluttonous fellows
  • ...watch Star Wars without getting spoiled
  • ...manage to get everyone to shut up about Star Wars for five minutes
  • ...share the joy and laughter of the season with friends and coworkers
  • ...see the time of your ascension come to pass, watching the world burn from your mountainside fortress as you enter your golden sarcophagus and begin the ritual
  • ...see a reindeer
  • ...defeat a reindeer in single combat
  • ...experience the true warmth of friendship and camaraderie, away from the commercial excess that has come to define Christmas
  • ...bring me a sprite

Or whatever else you're hoping to get out of the holiday season. I don't want to limit your options here. Do what you feel is right.

See you next Tuesday for the next real article, and then three days later when I desperately try to come up with something to ring in the new year.

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